13. Seconds to enter class

"Oh my God!" Tukijo kept his face away from Tuti. "I have to find a way to escape," he muttered thoughtfully.

The entrance bell rang, but because there was no flag ceremony, one hour of lessons was free.

Tukijo finds it difficult to face Tuti. Incidentally the entrance bell rang could be used as an excuse by him. He saw to the right of Tuti there was a gap.

"Sorry, the bell is already in. I have to go to class." Tukijo deftly took a step back and then moved to Tuti's right side, then avoided Ipul who was behind Tuti.

Tukijo managed to get past Udin and his gang and then he ran down the corridor in front of the teacher's room to the paved road. Then he turned east towards the classroom by taking a detour through the paved road that runs along the XII Social Sciences class.

"Asep! Block him from behind the music room!" Udin's command.

Asep is the fastest among them. He swiftly ran, followed by Udin, Ipul, and Tuti.

Tukijo heard Udin's words faintly. He turned to the west of class XII Soc
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