12. Was intercepted by a coquettish girl

Markonah gasped, she was surprised by Cecep's sudden question.

"Cough! It's still morning already dating. Come on Cep! Why did you even stop? Don't bother them!" cried Tiyem patting Cecep's shoulder.

Then they went to park the motorbike and went straight to class without looking at Markonah again.

"Pffft...." Markonah laughed covering her mouth.

"Dating? What did they mean?" Tukijo scratched his head, he didn't understand what Cecep and Tiyem were saying.

"Never mind, don't think about it. Let's go to class! They will be surprised when you enter class later," said Markonah smiling.

"I want to stop by the administration room. You go to class first!" said Tukijo.

"Yeah, let's go together!" invite Markonah.

"What? Really? Do you want to wait for me?" said Tukijo widening his eyes.

"No! We're just walking together. Why should I wait for something that isn't certain? I'll accompany you to the fork in the caridor, in front of the Social Sciences Laboratory"

Then, they walked side by side. A
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