11. Spotted out by Cecep

Udin, who was still in a kneeling position, looked at the person from toe to his partially grayed hair. He is Hartono (Markonah's father).

While Udin was distracted by Hartono, Markonah took a glass on the shelf, then stepped into a gallon of water that was perched next to the cashier's table. Since lunch, she hasn't drunk a single sip of water, so she feels very thirsty.

"You ..."

"I'm her father, what do you want?" interrupted Hartono cutting Udin's words. He pursed his lips and his eyes glared at Udin.

"Father-in-law!" cried Udin crawling closer to him.

"Who is your father-in-law?" Hartono argued.

Udin hugged Hartono's knees. "Father-in-law, bless my relationship with Markonah, please don't separate us! We sincerely love each other," he whined.

Markonah gasped, spouting water from her mouth.

"Are you crazy!?" said Markonah.

"Yeah, I'm so crazy about you." Udin clenched his hands on his chest looking at Markonah.

"Oh my God, what's wrong with this kid?" mumbled Markonah, frowning.

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