14. Who's tailing?

Five minutes before Tukijo entered the classroom.

"TUKIJO!!! Bastard! Where's that kid? Even though the bell is already in, why hasn't he come yet?!" shouted Cecep nagging himself in front of the blackboard.

"Calm down Bro ... calm down ... I'm sure he will come soon. We can teach him a lesson during the break," said Sugeng.

Sugeng is a friend of Cecep's gang and also Tiyem. This kid was thin, but strong like the boxer Chris John, his face was very similar to him.

Beside that, Markonah was sitting dreaming. She put her elbows on the table and rested her chin on her palms.

"Does Tukijo have other things to do? It's been a long time ... there's no way he's lost, right?" she muttered.

Then Markonah glanced at Udin's seat, there was only a black bag propped on the back of his chair. She hadn't seen him since returning to class either.

"This child too. Unlike usual, the bell has rung, but it's still wandering," whispered Markonah.

Not long after, Udin came with a frown on his face. He walk
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