9. Meet Markonah

Tukijo was shocked. Instantly his vision was blurred. "Ah, yes Sis ... sorry," he said.

"What's wrong with you, Jo? Suddenly daydreaming. See the moms hanging out?" joked Ningsih. In fact, Ningsih knew that Tukijo had been transfixed by the sight of a girl delivering boxes.

"Ish ... it's no use, I see the mothers hang out," he objected.

"So, what are you dreaming about?" asked Ningsih pretending not to know.

"Eh ... that ... I saw a classmate of mine passing by on a motorbike," replied Tukijo.

"Oh, so the girl from earlier was your classmate. She's beautiful too," Ningsih praised.

"Yeah, she's pretty ... but ignorant." Tukijo snorted.

"Pfft. Do you like that girl?" asked Ningsih spontaneously.

"Wh ... who likes her!" Tukijo hid his blushing face by pretending to wipe the sweat off his forehead.

"Hmm ...." Ningsih wrinkled her forehead, her eyes probed Tukijo's behavior. "Okay, let's continue practicing."

They practice until the sun is directly overhead. The scorching heat of the sun ma
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