Ch. 7 Training

Mallory’s POV

The sound of my alarm blaring at six am made me jolt upright. I had finally been dozing after a restless night of broken sleep. I was still pissed at Clay and Cary for their behavior last night but mostly I was just confused. I tossed and turned all night, trying to shut out the thoughts continuously assaulting me.

Before I left for Luna training, they treated me like I was gum on their shoe, an annoyance to be dealt with. I assumed once I was gone, they would have thrown a party to celebrate. So why, after all this time, did they suddenly decide they enjoyed my company?

At first, I thought maybe they’d just devised another way to mess with me. Interrupt my alone time with Nathan and try to keep me so busy I can’t spend time with him just to frustrate me. Or maybe they think he will break up with me and they can laugh at my heartbreak. But I had news for them, Nathan and I wouldn’t break easily, and certainly not because of them.

Still, something seemed differe
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Heather W
they way I'd be telling all 3 of them to go to hell
goodnovel comment avatar
Nicole Newberry
I’m loving this book
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Gloria Gonzalez
This is getting good!

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