Ch. 8 Inner Torment

Colton’s POV

“Fucking hell!” I roared, picking up a stupid wolf figurine from my desk and shattering it against the wall.

“What the fuck is happening with us?” I growled at my wolf, though I was more angry at myself than him. He was just an animal, after all.

“I don’t know.” Kai answered with a wolfy shrug. “She’s beautiful and her scent calls to me. I want her.”

“Well you need to stop!” I snarled at him before admitting the truth. “I need to stop.”

I was so fucking pissed at myself. Just last night, I’d held Darcy’s hand and comforted her, reassured her I didn’t have feelings for Mallory. It was hard work getting her to believe me after the way I’d acted at dinner, growling at Mallory’s boyfriend and practically drooling over the girl herself. But I’d finally managed to convince her.

“Feeling better?” I’d asked her after her tears had finally stopped.

“Yeah,” She said, still sniffling.

“Not that I ever want you to cry, but your lips are all swollen and puffy, maki
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Zena Whichard
Well isn't this a change for Colt. He feels the pull too! Cary and Clay feel it. They are trying to make amends. Good Luck fellas! Remember Nathan is right there. What happens if she finds out she is their mate? Very interesting right now. Great chapters!

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