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"I'm sorry." He apologized, "Too late get out" I glared but he doesn't budge, he proved to be stubborn and the mere sight of him, irked me. Slowly it made my limbs weak and it slowly made it all the way suffocating. "No," he pushed me against the wall, my back pressed firmly against it, his grip firm on my upper arm. My face blushed red, unsure how to react, yet I yelled, "You're breaking a rule! Don't fucking touch me." "Fuck the rules, you already broke it when you wore this dress." My heart plummeted, a heavy thud echoing in my chest, as the weight of his last words settled upon me like a leaden anchor "Well Fuck off, I don't want you, Tristan Donovan." I spat bitterly, all he did was smirk deviously, dangerously closing the bridge between our lips. "Fuck it Willow, I want you." He said as he crashed his lips against mine Willow Davis finds herself wedge in between one of her father's gamble, having lost the bet she is sold to the ruthless arrogant billionaire, Tristan Donovan, who wants nothing more than to make out a trophy of her. over the course of time they slowly get close but fear of falling in love Tristan has set three rules; "NO STAYING IN CONFINED OR CLOSED PLACES TOGETHER NO ANY FORM OF PHYSICAL CONTACT NO FALLING IN LOVE" But what happens when he's caught up in his own web and breaks one or all together? How far will he go, riding of every single rule? Will the arrogant billionaire finally fall in love? find out in SOLD TO THE ARROGANT BILLIONAIRE.

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Willow"Brrrrgh......" I abruptly woke up to the jarring sound of my alarm clock,after waking up and stretching, my back still feels sore as if I'm 40 years older. Why won't it ache, I do three jobs to make ends meet while my dad sits around drinking and sleeping his ass out, while I do all the damn work."Another stressful day" I sigh to myself I need to be at my first shift by 07:00 am it's 06:15, great I have less than an hour to go to work. Struggling to get out of my messy room I sprint to the bathroom with the mission of taking a quick shower.I made my way to the bathroom downstairs as I try to open the door but it wouldn't budge, I tried to pushing past the door only to see bottles of different kinds of Beer on the floor as I try to make a clear path to the other side of the bathroom."Another to-do list" I cursed out on the thought I have to clean up after my dad like he was some Kid.Speaking of him, where is he?I disregard the bottles, then swiftly shower and towel off befo
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WILLOW'S POV AT JOSIE'S MODERN INN"Welcome to Josie's Modern Inn. You're late," Miss Josie expressed disappointment, leaving me scrambling for a reasonable excuse."I... I woke up late," I stammered, feeling like my heart was slapping my brain. Why did I resort to the cliché "waking up late" excuse? I'm practically asking to be fired."Pffft... just go change and attend to that table. We'll talk later," Miss Josie instructed, handing me a menu. I grabbed my uniform and headed to the table."Finally, some excuse for service," hissed a young man in his early 20s, still engrossed in his New York Times. He set his papers down, and something caught my eye. It dawned on me that tonight's my shift at the casino. Due to unrelenting stress and work, I've missed several days. Life, why me?"Fantastic, they've assigned me a darn dog as a waitress," the man snapped, pulling me back to reality. Now facing him, I gawk at the remarkably handsome man. He's so good-looking; it feels like a sin to be
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WILLOWPhones emerged, capturing the unfolding drama in the cafe. As I surveyed the scene, everyone eagerly anticipated my next move. Whatever I did now would become the talk of New York, tarnishing my once-perfect resume.In my mind, I envisioned the potential headlines: "Willow Davis ousted by New York billionaire bad boy," What's his name again "Tristan Donovan." How could someone so attractive exude such arrogance and a terrible attitude? I wished I could strangle him in that moment.After orchestrating my dismissal, he had the audacity to tell me to undress. His breath lingered on my earlobe, and a smirk played on his lips, aggravating me. I shoved him away, a deep frown etched across my face."Screw you! You don't own me; you're not my father, you asshole. She was my boss, and it's her job to fire me, just like she said, 'pack your bags and get out.' And I did just that. Just because you're some spoiled brat doesn't mean you get to treat me like trash. Screw your money, screw you
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WILLOWThe moment I stepped outside, it started raining, transforming from drizzles to a full-blown storm. Hastily seeking refuge in a nearby subway, I checked my phone and noticed it was 09:45 am. Unbelievably, I had just been fired, but my second job started at 10:00 am. I normally snuck out the cafe to meet up, at least I didn't have to do that anymore.I can find another job, and besides, I never liked that cafe. Waiting for the storm to ease a bit, I braved the cold atmosphere and made my way to my second job.Arriving at Greenwich Village East, I was struck by the peace and quiet, with a variety of houses dotting the landscape, each resident minding their own business.There's a positive vibe here, a sense of being home. It struck me as an ideal place for Dad to find a positive mindset, perhaps even quit his drinking habit and prioritize his health. Last year, I made a decent amount of money thanks to tourists in the City. Volunteering for tours proved successful, even though mos
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WILLOWMy bare torso exposed, his hands traced down my thigh, attempting to remove my jeans. Frustration echoed in my moans, and despite my silent pleas, he seemed unyielding. I closed my eyes, whispering a desperate prayer as the world around me faded into darkness.I was powerless before him, I was his feeble prey and he was my predator, tears slowly slide down my cheeks in despair he was almost done taking it off until my eyes darted back to the empty glass of orange juice I consumed earlier it was arm's length away from us.I felt myself getting weaker and weaker this was my only chance and I'm not going to let it slide easily, gathering every strength left I struggle to grasps for the glass as the idiot chuckles when I successfully grabbed hold of it."what's that princess?" I smashed the glass directly at the floor as it breaks an old trick my Dad taught me when I was 4.Not much of an old trick and shouldn't be taught to a 4 year old in the first place, guess it came out handy.
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TRISTAN I arrived at my casino; it wasn't bustling at the moment, but later, strippers and gamblers would dance the night away. Why?Despite my casino earning the title of the wealthiest in New York—a notable achievement—I despise parties; they're not my style, especially when I'm the host. However, Hailey suggested throwing one, and I had to comply because she's my P.A and most importantly she's my sister don't mind the dirty talking I had with her with Jaxon's phone, both her and her boyfriend are fucked in the head.Hailey, perfectly timed, appeared dressed in a seductive red devil dress, strategically holding some files over her chest to conceal her cleavage."Your files, the budget for the party, and a profile on Willow Davis..." At the mention of that, I swiftly raced towards her, swiped the files, and began scanning through the profiles.She scoffed getting my attention but I ignored flicking through the pages."Tristan is in love." She cooed at me like a five year old."You ar
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TRISTAN I cleared the files about Willow, removing them from my desk. The smile I had earlier transformed into a frown as I picked up the call."So, how's the casino holding up, Tristan..." I gritted my teeth, struggling to keep from yelling over the phone. If he weren't the senator or my brother, the thought of arranging a reunion with Dad, six feet under, might have crossed my mind."Doing just fine without you ever since you left." I smirked proudly. He swore the casino couldn't run without him, yet here it is, one of the most successful ones in New York."Too bad it could have been bigger with my brains and tactics. That casino would be better than what it is now. I'm not surprised you and Hailey dragged the family's casino into the dust. Dad would be so disappointed," he mocked with a sheepish gag."Typical. I should expect something like this from you, always finding ways to bring people down. Since you have nothing important to discuss, I'll presume to end this conversation.""B
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WILLOWI marched into the living room, as expected, finding my dad dressed up but sitting down to adjust his radio. I walked up to him and faced him, but he treated like I wasn't even visible. All he cared about was his damn radio.I snatched the radio away from him, and he looked at me as if I had lost my mind."My radio, please," he finally spoke to me after four long years of pretending he was dumb, fooling me. I felt stupid."Oh, this..." I gestured, moving it closer to him. He shot me a wide smile, and that was it. With all my strength, I smashed it to pieces, throwing it across the room. He stood up, his eyes growing wide in disbelief and shock."Have you gone mad?!" he yelled at the top of his voice, adding petrol to the fire."So, those are your first words to me? Now you talk to me because of a dumb radio? Today, I found out that your disorder never even existed. I was about 16, struggling in high school, and the doctor said you had no signs or symptoms. You were only facing d
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TRISTAN The party unfolded well, with numerous renowned proprietors and business owners approaching me. Some indulged in drinks, while others, like the strippers—among them, my sister—graced the dance floor. Hailey engaged in a lap dance with Jaxon, who seemed immersed in his own lascivious thoughts. Meanwhile, a section of the crowd was engrossed in gambling. The festivities took an abrupt turn when a commotion erupted from the gamblers' side.What now?As I drew closer an old man was arguing with some other gamblers."What's the commotion here" I asked trying to sort it out."This maniac strolled up, demanding his money back despite clearly losing the bet," one of them explained amidst a chorus of uproar from the others."Is this true??" I said bringing out my gun and pointing it directly at the back of the bastard's head as he threw his hand up the air in defeat."What's your name?" I asked as he slowly turned to face me and recognized him instantly he's Willow's father I dropped t
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TRISTAN Sweet is defeat when you actually win. I grinned at the thought. It only took a drink to get that annoying brat on board, all thanks to her bastard of a father. My grin grew wider; now I have Willow all to myself, and the shock on her face when she learns about it is predictably priceless.I rose from my seat and rang for the casino's bouncer. Three strongly built men swiftly made their way to my office."You called, sir?" the leader came forward."Yes, dispose of him," I gestured, signaling them to take the old man. They grabbed him by his arms, ready to escort him out."Please, I lost my wife to death, and none of my relatives keep contact with me anymore. I just can't lose my daughter," he pleaded. My grin slowly vanished, and my face twisted in disgust as I signaled for another shot of gin, which was promptly delivered. A nod directed the bouncers to wait. I approached the old man, lightly brushing his collar, and collided my head with his, leaving him confused and shaky.
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