Vladimir’s POV

The people believed the so-called epidemic and some of them even rushed to the nearest hospital to ask for a prescription. There’s no medicine to cure the virus, and no prevention so they also didn’t get it because normal doctors are still studying it - what they thought was a disease when it’s not.

Though, there is really a cure and it’s our blood. When bitten by a vampire, using the vampire's blood it will heal but when the virus spreads only the human blood is the cure but that would make the human a vampire.

The whole place declared no business for days because of what happened. They were so afraid so they bought a lot of stocks and hid inside their houses. I don't know how long people will do that but it's still a good decision especially and we're not sure when the half-bloods will start. They had better stay in their homes first.

Mom and Dad were not yet

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