I’m finally done! FINALLY! I lean on the back of my seat and stretch my arms widely.

I noticed that Skylar is still here on my side, sitting, and he is quietly sleeping resting head on the top of the table.

I thought he gone home. I checked my phone to check the time. It’s already 10 PM. Did he actually wait for me?

Wow… he is seriously not his usual self tonight. I felt a little happy and contended that he is now talking to me, but still anxious on why he suddenly avid me for past few days. Should I ask him later?

I lean closer to him, focusing my eyes on every detail in his face. Why does he look so perfect? He looks so peaceful and like an angel when he is sleeping.

I rest my head on the table while still staring at him. This is the longest time I’d stare at him. I move my hand closer to him as I touch his hair that falls in his face. The features of his, I’ll memorize it. His eye lashes that is

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