Tale In Between Two Gods

Tale In Between Two Gods

By:  Sozie  Ongoing
Language: English
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There are a lot of supernatural beings around us that we didn't know they're actually living or true. Once they are just a myth, a fantasy, a mere story, but then one day, you didn't realize it was standing right in front of you now. Avis Clove, just like a normal people, we have a lot of questions about the existence of gods or deities. And sometimes those questions don't meet their answers. She grew up knowing the stories of her grandmother about a two gods and one girl who's in between of the gods, and she believes it was just fantasy story that is just made up by her grandma. But, then she met the characters in that story, and the questions in her mind starting to find its answers. In this novel, about the three people who is fated to meet each other, but leads to the most unwanted happenings of their life. What will they do? What will Avis Clove choose? Will the love wins? Who will be the end game?

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Roxanne Camporaso
Really really good! Must read ...
2022-04-23 00:02:08
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Roxanne Camporaso
Must read, really really good ...️...
2022-04-22 23:56:19
25 Chapters
When I was a little, my grandmother always tells me stories before I sleep. Those stories are creepy, supernatural and magical. It is about two guys and one girl. A guy whose name Dark and another guy whose name Light. Dark gives people misery, destruction, and war, in simple word, doom. Then, Light gives people hope, peace, and happiness in their life. And a girl, whose name is Avis, just like mine, weird. It seems like she doesn’t has any power, but her existence was needed. Her existence saves the world. My grandma says she is like the Yin and Yang; she is in the middle who balances the good and bad. Every night the stories will change, but the characters are still the same, but the ending of that story is also still the same, Avis died, to save him. It made me curious ever since that night. It made wonder who are they. I want to know more about them even if it’s just a story. But the night I went to my grandmother’s room to ask her to tell me a story again, I found out
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After a couple of minutes I glanced again to him. This time he is not looking and his book is placed in the table now. His left elbow is on the top of the table and his hands are placed in his chin. Why he is so…I didn’t finish my sentence in my head when he suddenly turns his head towards me. Shit. He stands up and started walking to me. What the hell! As he reached my table I started to stand up. I’m ready to leave.“Avis, right?” he asked. Wait, he knows my name. How? Why? What? I just nod to answer.“You’re classmates’ with Vaughn.” He added.“Yes.” I answered with a smile on my face.“It wasn’t a question.” he said and looks into his hand holding a book.Yeah, right. It wasn’t a question dumbass. He gets something in the middle of pages of the book. It is a small paper with his name and number on it. Wait, I’m not asking for his number. He
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"I'll be going now." I said, then, quickly walked away. "Where are you going?" He followed me and matched my pace. "Any place without you," I said. I don't know why I am being harsh to him; I think I'm just comfortable to roast him. I am someone who takes care of what people might be sensitive about, I spoke nicely and with respect with everyone except my friends, I sometimes roast them because that's how friends do. "Too bad because I will stick with you from now on," he chuckled. "Don't you have anything to do?" I asked. I'm getting annoyed because I want to read and with him by my side, I won't be able to concentrate. "I have now." He grins. "Then go away, I'm busy." I walked much faster. Of course, he is catch up again. "You are not gonna ask what is it?"  He looks at me, pleading and doing cute poses. "No, I am not interested." I directly said. "That's mean," he murmured. "How is that mean?" I
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Back to the present, earlier in the library, I got the nerves to half-way confess. Does he know it all this time? Is he just pretending he doesn’t know? Then, he asks me because he wants to confirm it? Ugh! This is stressing me. “Hey! Tess?” I called then standing up in my seat. “Yeah?” she replied. “Skylar’s hotter than Vaughn. Remember that he is also part of the team in football. We’ve seen his abs when he removed his shirt in the field. Remember?” I rebutted to her comment earlier. I get my tumbler and walk away, before I closed the door, I turn to her. She looked above with her mouth slightly open. “Yeah, right. I forgot.” She said. I laughed. I turn away, now heading to cafeteria. Then, I saw him, Tessa’s and I topic back in the classroom. He is leaning his back in a wall. There are bullets of sweat rolling down from his hair to his temple then his cheeks. His shirt is wet, so I can see his abs forming in his shirt. I not
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"Vaughn, stop, it's not funny" I said but I didn't bother to remove it, I have no strength. "Come on, Avis, why are you silent? Do you need to go to the bathroom, don’t worry I can cover for you," he chuckled and let go of my face. What surprises me is a big chocolate pouch drink on his other hand on the front of my face. "Sweets can make you feel better when you have loose bowel movement," he told me and put the drink in both of my hands. It made my heart warm and feels good. I clasped it with my own two hands, it made my feelings lighter than before. I just chuckled and tap him on his back, "Thank you." I get the straw at back and put it at the designated hole in the pouch drink. Then we just sat on a bench. I didn’t notice we were on the school park in where vending drink machines are just around the area. "You need to dry clean my handkerchief
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Now that I thought about him again, I felt tears starting to form again. I’m mad at him for rejecting me even if I didn’t actually confessed to him, also because he is maybe the reason Penny is back. If she wasn’t back, my friend wouldn’t suffer. I get that Tess is an amazon girl and she is also fearless and a fighter, but she doesn’t deserve what happened. She doesn’t deserve the pain because, Penny is insane. And I…. I don’t deserve this pain given by Skylar because, I haven’t even confessed to him properly. That’s unfair. But, I’m not really confessing, since I was already rejected.Maybe that is the thing about liking someone for too long. Liking someone for too long doesn’t mean they have to like you back too. And maybe, Skylar is really insensitive, he just said ‘stop liking me’ casually. Like it was a line from a movie and he wanted to try it to someone, and then he chose me.Fr
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 “Grandma, can I ask a question?” I asked.“What is it darling?” she smiled at me then, held my hand.I looked at her.“In all of the stories you told me up until now that I’m close to a grown up woman, I’m 17 now, if you’re missing it grandma. So, why does the girl in your story always die?” I curiously asked.I wonder why the girl in her story named Avis like mine, always dies. The happenings in the story changes, but the ending is still the same, I’m getting pissed off by that. “Because, she always chooses to save him. She always wants to save him.” She answered as she caresses gently my hands.“That’s how love works; you get to experience sacrificing your own happiness or even own life for the sake of your love ones.” She continued.“Is she
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Vaughn walks until he reached beside me. “What are you doing here?” I asked him. “That should be my question. It’s past 1 A.M. and you are still roaming around outside.” He said, concerned. Then, he looks at Skylar. “What are you planning to do this time, Skylar? He asked to Skylar. “Just like what you did earlier.” Skylar answered with a grin in his face. “Stop it. She’s innocent.” Says Vaughn as he glared to Skylar. “Really?” Skylar smirked then glanced at my side. “If you are talking about me, yes I’m innocent.” I said to Skylar and there is still his smirking face. “I don’t think so.” He answered. He looks like he is enjoying this conversation because he is smiling to annoy me and Vaughn. “What?” I exclaimed. “Why do you have the necklace?” he asked. And the smile in his face is now gone. “What necklace?” I asked back. Now that he mentioned it. I roam my hands around my neck to feel m
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“That is hilarious! I wish I was there! Oh my god! I missed every exciting moments that happened to you!” commented by Tess. She’s so happy even that she was stabbed yesterday. I don’t know why she still attends school today when she’s injured. Its lunch now and we’re here in a café talking about what happened last night and what I think about the two having a steamy romantic relationship between them. But, my mind is flying somewhere, so I cannot focus to Tessa’s comments after I told her the story. Early this morning, I woke up from a dream and there are tears on my cheeks again, but this time, my grandma was not there telling stories. Instead, I was there, I am the girl; I received a necklace, from a guy whom I don’t know, but he looks like Skylar. He has Skylar’s resemblance when it comes to eyes, nose and lips. Also, I feel like I’m the girl there in that dream, but I feel like it’s a different girl too. It’s so frustrating! I gently messed my ha
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  “Aren’t you gonna ask where I am going?” Penny asked. Well to be honest I don’t care where she would go. I don’t even care about her existence. “You’re still cold-hearted asshole god.” She commented. “And you are not?” I rebutted to her. She’s acting like she’s isn’t evil like me, I hate it. “Can’t you even thank me for travelling around this world just to find the balance, I mean the girl?” She asked. “Just go.” I just said and gets into my car then, drive away from her. It’s been hundred years when I exist here on earth and we still haven’t find the girl who is also called the balance. She is fated to be the balance of Dark which is me, and Light which is fucking Vaughn. If she was found first by Vaughn, and didn’t die for about three months after we had found her existence, then I will die, so I need to find her first to kill her so she can’t balance us and Vaughn will die. That is our fate. I kill the balance
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