The Billionaire's Runaway Bride

The Billionaire's Runaway Bride

By:  Olivia Saxton  Completed
Language: English
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Lacey Stevens father is in serious financial trouble. The only way to get him out of it is to marry the notorious billionaire, Blake Dandridge. The problem is Blake is a dastardly ruthless man who is rumored to have murdered his own father to get control of the family business, Alden Investments. The bride gets cold feet and runs, leaving Blake to look like a fool in front of all of New York's elite. He's mad as hell about it and he isn't going to stop looking for her so he can make her pay.

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Sally Sente Cortez
it is awesome story!
2024-04-25 11:32:23
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I enjoyed Blake and Lacey's short story!
2024-04-08 11:44:46
41 Chapters
Chapter 1
Lawrence Stevens owed millions in markers to Caesars and MGM Grand in Las Vegas. He had nowhere else to turn. He had alienated his ex-wife, family, and friends ages ago. His last hope was the son of his dead fraternity brother. “Sure, I’ll help you out – for a price,” Blake said as he stood from the arm chair. They were in Blake’s living room at his penthouse. He stood tall, five foot eight. His dark hair was slicked back with a part on the side. “What do you want as collateral? My Benz? My house in the Bahamas?” “The last I remembered you had a daughter, correct?” Blake asked as he walked to the bar. “Yes. Lacey, my only child. Why?” “I’ll take her.” Blake said simply. “I beg your pardon?” “I need a wife - and an heir. Your daughter will do.” “What! You want to marry my child just so you can have children?” Lawrence was incredulous. “What else
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Chapter 2
“If I didn’t think I’d get caught, I’d kill your father for putting you in this position,” Lacey’s mother griped as her two cousins were helping her into her gown. Lacey had returned to New York at her father’s request last week. She had given up her apartment in Paris since she was going to be married to a billionaire who lived in New York. She had called her mother a day after she agreed to marry Blake Dandridge to tell her about it. Her mother, Roxanne Stevens, had asked too many questions about the quick nuptials. Lacey had no choice but to tell her the truth. “Lawrence knows you’d do anything for him,” her mother continued as she paced. She wore a blue Vera Wang dress.Lacey was surprised at how quick the arrangements had been made. She didn’t think she could have a real wedding on such short notice. But from what she had heard during the past week was when Blake Dandridge wanted something done it got done no matter what. No one wanted to be on
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Chapter 3
Lacey had grabbed her bag and raced outside. She had ignored the people who stared at her on the golf course as she ran to a golf cart for freedom.Lacey got to the back of the property and brought the cart to a screeching halt on the sidewalk.Some New Yorkers starred at her as she grabbed her bag. Others walked by casually like a girl wasn’t on a golf cart in her wedding dress.She desperately ran out into the street to flag down a cab. Two drove by her. The third one stopped. Probably because she had literally threw herself in front of the car.She walked around to get in and then he took off and blared his horn. “Crazy broad!”Lacey looked around with urgency. She would have taken her mother’s limo, but she couldn’t trust the driver to get her out of there. He was loyal to Lacey’s mother – not her.She was about to run back to the sidewalk when a bus slowed next to her.The driver opened the window. “Honey, something tells me you need a ride,” the white male said.“Ye
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Chapter 4
One year later . . . The day of her almost wedding Lacey had gotten on a flight to Atlanta, Georgia. It was tough there. She couldn’t get a job in her major or minor. So, she had to take two part-time jobs working at fast food restaurants. There was no way she was going to call home to ask for money. For one thing, her father didn’t have any. Her mother had plenty being from a wealthy family, but she didn’t want her mother to know where she was. Lacey just wanted to be left alone for a while to make decisions about her own life – not someone doing it for her. She didn’t know what had become of her father’s financial situation. She just needed to get away and stay away. After three months, Lacey was able to get a job with All-Time Language as an interpreter. She minored in French at The American University of Paris. Her professors gave her glowing recommendations. The best thing about the company was the pay was twice more than work
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Chapter 5
Blake’s jet landed at Portland International Jetport at two p.m. From there he had hired a driver. The black town-car pulled up outside of 2838 Atlantic Drive. It was exactly how Robinson described it. The townhouse was three levels with two doors in the front with a white painted porch. The townhouse was painted pale yellow. The driver opened the door for Blake to get out. As Blake walked to the townhome, he noticed a light skinned black man sitting on the porch. “Hey, man,” the black man greeted. He wore light colored denim jeans and a red T-shirt. “Hello,” Blake mumbled and took the steps to the porch. Then he quickly reached for the door knob for condo two. It was locked. “Damn,” he hissed. “You lookin’ for Lacey?” the black man asked. “Yes,” Blake answered. “Do you know when she’ll be back?” “In about a month.” “A month!” Blake yelled. “Where the hell has she gone for a month?” “Wiscas
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Chapter 6
Brian was meeting Lacey downstairs at eight-thirty. She wore a red halter dress. The skirt swung slightly above her knee. It tied in the back around her neck. It could pass for semi-casual. Lacey had no idea where Brian was going to take her. Hopefully, what she had on would pass muster at the restaurant. There was a knock on the door. Surely, Blake hadn’t arrived, yet. It was only eight o’clock. Lacey opened the door to see Rebecca, one of the innkeepers. “He’s not here already is he?” she asked nervously. “Oh, no, dear. I came to see how you were fairing. First dates can be a bit harrowing and you seemed pretty excited about it when you came in to tell me you were expecting someone.” “I could use an ear if you got a minute.” Lacey stood aside to let her in. “Sure,” Rebecca entered the room. As Lacey closed the door, Rebecca said, “Oh, you look nice.” Lacey had curled her blonde hair on th
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Chapter 7
Lacey walked down the stairs of The Cozy Inn. Brian was there waiting on her. He looked terrific. And his suit looked expensive, a dark blue well-tailored suit. Just like earlier today, his hair was neatly combed back from his face. “You look . . . absolutely enchanting,” he said with amazement. “Oh, thank you,” she whispered shyly. He was such a charmer. “You look very handsome. I love your suit.” “Thank you. Shall we go?” he asked as he offered his arm. Lacey wrapped her arm around his. “Are you willing to tell me where we are going now? I’ve been in suspense all day.” “Right this way,” he said as he began to escort her to the parlor. Lacey was confused at first. They were heading to the dining room. They walked through it. She was about to say something when they got to the back room, which was open. When she had eaten in the dining room with the rest of the guests yesterday, the door w
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Chapter 8
Blake walked Lacey to her door. She turned to face him. He took the opportunity to take her again in his arms. He kissed her. Lacey didn’t seem to mind because she met him stroke for stroke. Her lips, now poutier from being kissed thoroughly, were so soft. She probably never had a real man kiss her before. But, she had one now. He didn’t stop until she moaned. When he pulled back, her lids were heavy and her breathing a bit shallow. Before he could say what was on his mind she spoke. “I can’t invite you in.” He knew what he wanted and he also knew she wanted the same thing. “Why? We want each other.” It wasn’t a lie. In this moment, he did want her. More than any woman he had ever bedded in his life. “I can’t. I . . . I’m not a woman who leaps in and out of bed with people. I don’t have casual sex,” she whispered. “Who said it would be casual?” He didn’t mean to ask that. Of course, it would be casual. That’s the
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Chapter 9
A few days later . . . Lacey and Brian were having a picnic a few feet away from the river that was on The Cozy Inn’s property. For the last two days, Lacey hadn’t seen much of Brian accept at meal times at the inn. He had gotten caught up on conference calls at Michelson Investments. Even though she missed spending time with him during the day it gave her a chance to do some work for All-Time Languages and scope out some scenery to take pictures of and paint. Brian was stretched out on his side on the plaid blanket facing her. Lacey was sitting with her legs stretched out in front of her. The picnic basket was between them. Rebecca had prepared them the picnic lunch – for an additional charge, of course. But, it was worth it. Sandwiches, homemade chips, pudding for dessert, champagne, water, etc.Lacey leaned back, bracing her hands behind her on the blanket. “It is such a beautiful day.” It was about seventy-three degrees out and the
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Chapter 10
Blake and Lacey packed up their mess in the picnic basket and placed it to the side. They laid back on the blanket, looking at the sky, relaxing. Blake put his hands behind his head as he looked at the brilliant blue sky and the whiter than white clouds. He hadn’t stopped to look at the sky since he was thirteen. He remembered how he had an appreciation for nature back then. Once he had reached fifteen, after Tiffany had broken his heart, he no longer cared about nature – or anything other than himself and money. Blake wondered if his mother leaving his father when he was eighteen and Tiffany making him look like a fool at such a young age had anything to do with how he turned into the person he was today. Had all that changed in over a week? Lacey breathed out a relaxing sigh, bringing him out of his thoughts. Blake turned to look at her. She had a lazy smile on her face and her eyes were closed. She was the catalyst that pl
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