The Ceo Wants Me Back After Divorce

The Ceo Wants Me Back After Divorce

By:  Lyra's Pen   Completed
Language: English
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Revenge is a dish best-served cold. She had devoted her youth to him, only to get a divorce paper gifted to her only because his first love was back. Daisy is stuck with the thought of either leaving or loving nevertheless. He is not the man to regret anything but letting go of HER was the greatest mistake he had ever made and he wants her back after years, by all means too. Would Daisy let the broken-hearted and remorseful Billionaire back into her life to make amends?

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Tiyasa Haldar
Why She ended up with the same Shitty Ex husband??FL has zero self respect. Not gonna read anymore.
2024-04-30 19:38:52
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Debra Oka
nahh ditch him. he didn't care less.
2023-12-14 06:07:09
100 Chapters
Chapter One
It was getting darker and the rain clouds were more than just rain clouds hovering over houses and our loft.Eleven pm, with Derrick no where in sight, honestly I should be used to this since it has been happening to me nonstop for the past six years of my life since I was married to him. The constant avoidance like I meant shit to him and if I was been honest with myself?I actually meant less than a nickel to him. All he did was work, work, work and work and the only times he came home, he was either angry or tired or going back out with the guys.I sighed to myself, my heart in shambles as I decided to grab a comforter from our bedroom and sleep in the living room to wait for his arrival.Usually he graced the house and myself with his presence whener he felt like it but today's disappearance hurt like hell because it was supposed to be the eve to our anniversary and even though he didn't care about me so much, he made sure to come a minute to nine and give me a scowl but tonight?
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Chapter Two
My eyes was half it's size when his voice came out huskier than I had realized.He looked at me as I nodded my head,"Say it" he said and I opened my mouth to speak"Yes sir" I said and his hands went behind my back and squeezed my ass in a fierce but satisfying way.A way that had my ass feel like butter melting in a pan.I was shocked and embarrassed that I felt that way especially since Derrick was drunk.Was he really drunk?His hands moved from my neck and went down the little buttons that decorated my nighties, if I had known that he was going to get freaky after so long of not touching me then I would have wore my finest and sexiest lingerie.His hands began to move towards the first button and he undid the first four, he stepped back as though to analyse the work cut out for him.I felt embarrassed and my hands moved to the buttons, what I thought I was going to do with them? I didn't know but I knew that they either had to go or they had to come back and fuck all of this.My
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Chapter Three
I woke up to yummy insides and sore legs. Every part of me ached like I had used my body to mold blocks of cement.I stretched my hands across the bed unconsciously and met it wide and open.The sleepy spell that had me under was immediately wiped away by jealousy.I guess I should be used to this by now, my heart burned at the realisation that maybe last night was nothing but a sad dream, a wanting that I wanted but the more my legs moved,the more I knew I wasn't delusional.I groggily got of out bed and made the sides of the bed, I noticed with horror as my eyes met the clock on the wall that it wasn't long before the maids came back to work.A part of me longed for derrick, maybe he was still around, maybe he hadn't already left me for whoever called him every morning or for work.I quickly took my bath,adorned my self with heavenly scents and the prettiest summer dress I could find in my wardrobe with his signature colours, red and black that made my skin shine bright.I took a bi
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Chapter Four
Zora’s point of view “You heard me.” He spat and gave me a hard glare, looking at me me with so much disgust. Immediately I fell to the ground with tears dripping down my cheeks, it felt like the world was about to grumble over me. How can he utter such a word, it crumbled my heart so severely. What did I ever do to deserve this dislike and abhor from this man, the man I love with all my heart. I know for this past few years Derrick has treated me like I’m worthless and doesn’t show much care about me. But a divorce??? I honestly didn’t see that coming. “Why are you doing this to me?” My voice was more like a whisper, I couldn’t even understand the atmosphere anymore, it felt like I was floating. Is he playing tricks with me or is he saying this so he can just leave already. He doesn’t mean this, right?I looked up to him and noticed his lips moving but couldn’t hear any sound, his face was getting blurry till everywhere turned blank. I woke up trying to figure out where I was
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Chapter Five
Zora’s POV“What? How can that be possible?” He questioned with his eyes popped out in confusion and immediately he let out a frown. The look on his face gave me shivers, I am hoping it isn’t what I’m thinking. “What are you talking about? Derrick.” My voice was becoming weaker, my legs were shaking slightly. I felt feverish instantly. It really shouldn’t be what I am thinking. I kept repeating those words in my head. “What do you mean you are carrying my child? Do you really think I will believe that bullshit?” He questioned again with a low but thick voice. “You are getting me confused, you don’t believe I’m pregnant with your child?” I uttered with a shaky voice, my palm turned so sweaty, it felt like I was already suffocating. I bit my lower lip, trying to hold my tears from pouring. “How do you expect me to believe such lies, I haven’t even touched you before, so how did I get you pregnant?!” He shouted, looking so pissed already. “You don’t remember the night you were kind
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Chapter Six
Derrick’s pov I should have held myself. I never wanted to have sex with that woman, even as she knew I was tipsy she should have left me, she acts so weak, always trying to make excuses for everything. Why would she claim she is pregnant all of a sudden? This is the reason why I hate her, everything you do with her doesn’t go right. I can’t be the father of that child, that woman is trying to frame me. Or is she doing all of this not to get divorced? What a shame. I sat on my bed wondering. But what if I am also the father of this child? If we eventually divorce, it may not be so good for the child. What should I do? This won’t deprive me from marry my Mia. After all these years of living with heartbreak she came back to me as a changed person with a clean heart but she came quite late. I was already married to Zora. But that won’t stop me from loving her. I slept with so many thoughts running through my mind. The next morning came by quickly and I was preparing for work as u
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Chapter Seven
Zora’s POVEIGHT YEARS LATER Ariana grew up to be a beautiful, intelligent girl. She has pretty green eyes and a very lovely smile, she is the best thing that has ever happened to me all these years. She is a duplicate of Derrick, the only thing I know she took from me was my dimples. These eight years of being a single mother has been like a roller coaster, it wasn’t an easy journey, I worked very hard just to make sure my daughter and I live well. I am just so grateful that my hard work paid off and now I own my own company. It wasn’t easy but giving up was never my option.I made sure I gave my daughter both motherly and fatherly love not to make her for any reason asked for her father. But two years ago when there was a family gathering at her school, she was acting all so moody and I noticed how she looked around as almost all the kids were with their parents and suddenly a question popped out of her mouth. “Mummy.” She called as she looked at a particular child with both par
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Chapter Eight
Zora’s POV “Zora?” He said as he walked up to me, with so many smiles written all over his face as his dark brown eyes seemed to sink in even more. Goshhh!! This man’s face looks so familiar but I can’t recall. Why do I feel like I know him? Or do I? “I can’t believe this is really you, Zora.” He looked extremely happy as he walked closer to me and I couldn’t stop myself but smile a little and crinkle my eyebrows because it looks like he knows me so well. “Are you serious right now, don’t tell me you don’t remember me.” His smile suddenly vanished because I still haven’t said a word to him rather just stared at him. Luckily it’s just my secretary and two other men in the hall. “Sorry, I’m trying to recall but I still can’t remember.” I tried to be polite and smiled a little. “That’s okay if you don’t remember though, we were still so little back then in school.” He explained and immediately my eyes grew wider in surprise. “Don’t tell me you’re Austin?” I pointed at him with s
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Chapter Nine
Zora’s POV Immediately my phone rang. “Honey, I need to take this call, okay? We will talk about everything tomorrow. Sleep now.” I rubbed her hair and she nodded and I left the room as I answered the phone. It was a business call though and before I got to my room the call ended. I laid on my bed as so many thoughts fluid my mind. What should I tell her? Why would she bring up this same question again? Did something happen in her school? What must have been the reason? I don’t blame her for asking, she has all right to ask and know but what can I say?I sat and rested my back on the headboard of the bed. The sleep that filled my eyes suddenly vanished. If only Derrick acted a little bit nicer just a little maybe things wouldn’t have turned out this way. I’m pretty sure by now he is living his best life with his so-called Mia. I never knew he finally got married to her because I didn’t pay attention to whatever that concerns him. I cleaned my eyes because definitely whenever the
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Chapter Ten
Zora’s POV That should be Mia and they probably look happy together. “Are you okay, Zora?” Austin held my arm. “Come on, let's leave.” I guess he saw him too. We both walked out of there and headed into the car. “Please, I just want to go home now.” I uttered, trying to hold my tears. I shouldn’t cry, I need to stop this. “Alright.” He said and started the engine and drove out. “I wasn’t expecting to see him, I made sure I traveled very far away from that city, so I won’t cross paths with him anymore. Then why?!!” My tears began to flow. They uncontrollably flow. “Zora, you need to stop crying and move on from this guy, he doesn’t deserve you, you are far better than his league.” Austin tried to comfort me but it wasn’t working. I cleaned my eyes forcefully and sniffed my nose. “I know what to do, I’ll take Ana far away to another country. We would go far away from here, from him. I never want to see him. I don’t want to ever cross paths with him.” “You would do no such thing
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