Chapter 2353 Thank You

Selena lay there and did not feel much pain anymore. Maybe she was already used to it.

She looked like a normal person if no one touched her.

Her phone rang.

Selena thought it was her staff from the bar.

When she picked her phone up and looked at it, she saw a familiar number.

“Come home tonight.”

It was an order from her grandfather.

Memories of the past flooded her mind.

Selena could not avoid it.

It had been three years since Selena left. She did not go back home after she returned because she hated her grandfather.

She desperately wanted to express her displeasure in her own way.

However, the Nelson family did not care.

It was as if everything she did was a joke.

Selena was just making a fuss, but she was still within their control.

As long as she did not get a divorce, she would not be able to escape from her grandfather’s grasp no matter how much she struggled.

She closed her eyes, and tears streamed down uncontrollably.

Selena lay on the bed, pulled up the quilt
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