Chapter 2354 Overheard a Secret

The moment Selena raised her head, she saw Nicole. Her bright and slender eyes lit up, and she finished the song.

The loud applause resounded from below the stage. Selena flashed a brilliant and sexy smile. She was flamboyant, vivid, and energetic.

She seemed like a completely different person from the complaining woman who was beaten up and unable to move in the hospital.

Nicole applauded.

After a while, Clayton came out of the private room and called her.

“Baby, do you want to come over and say hello?”

Nicole nodded and waved before she walked over.

Clayton’s customers had some interaction with Stanton Corporation, so there was nothing wrong with Nicole saying hello to them.

Selena finished singing and greeted her friends, but Nicole disappeared in a blink of an eye.

She went upstairs to search for Nicole and thought that Nicole had probably entered one of the rooms.

The waiter walked past, and Selena beckoned to him.

“Did you see which private room a beautiful and elegant
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goodnovel comment avatar
Where can this beer be read from start to finish? Two mini chapters a day is ridiculous
goodnovel comment avatar
Renee Higgins-Gilmore
I've always love Nicole and Clayton together...there were a lot who didn't like him but that has changed. To me Eric had his chance over and over and never picked Nicole and Clayton loves for her
goodnovel comment avatar
Maribel Claudio
this is ridiculous I already read 3 books at another site and this book hasn't ended. ridicous.

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