The Hunted Hunter

The Hunted Hunter

By:  Bryant  Completed
Language: English
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Khalid Adio: I tried to do what was right. I wanted to protect my family. Even my mother. My misguided need to save both my mother and sister ended in death. Now I'm on the run from the Bloodmoon Pack and my guild. I still want to protect my sister, but I've had to look elsewhere without my usual resources.  Daniela Chávez: A hunter is the last person I expected to find myself indebted to. This one is different, though, or so he wants me to think. I don't believe it. But a debt is a debt, and I pay my debts. Now I'm dealing with hunters and werewolves for this fool.  This is the fourth book in the Bloodmoon Pack Series. You can read this as a standalone or in series order. Some events in this book happened in The Reluctant Alpha as they overlap. Bloodmoon Pack: Book 1 - Alpha Logan Book 2 - Beta's Surprise Mate Book 3 - The Reluctant Alpha Novella - The Hunted Hunter Book 4 - The Genius Delta

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Darma Day
Great story! Lots of unexpected twists and a beautiful ending!
2023-07-09 05:55:02
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Avalon de Ruijter
I loved this story. This one might be my favorite so far! I couldn't stop reading. Thank you for sharing your stories ...
2023-03-22 04:49:41
user avatar
Kristina M
be careful what you pay to unlock alot of the chapters are repeats if youve read the previous books in the series.
2023-03-04 02:57:44
user avatar
I love this book. They are so disfunctionaly appropriate for each other. It's both a love story and comedy in one. ...
2023-02-26 08:07:18
default avatar
Loved the unusual live story of Khalid and Dani. Another awesome story from the very talented author Bryant. Hope we get to read many more amazing stories from this super talented author.
2023-01-29 09:48:29
user avatar
Norma Romero
beautiful story!!!! Khalid and Dani's love story didn't start as you expected
2022-12-16 08:47:43
user avatar
Sara Marquez
Loved Khalid and Dani’s story! The storyline was great and keeps you reading; wanting to know what happens next! Definitely, a good read!
2022-11-30 19:31:52
user avatar
Pia H
I've enjoyed every book in this series so far and this is no exception - truly keeping the reader/me entertained all through the story. Thank you!
2022-11-01 20:45:56
default avatar
Really enjoy this series! Another great book! Cant wait to see whose story is next. As always, amazing job author! Definitely one of the best on here :)
2022-10-13 09:15:58
user avatar
Rachelle Smith
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these books!! I can't get enough of the series!! These are a MUST read!! I look forward to new stories from you ...
2022-10-13 08:02:23
default avatar
Another outstanding book! I loved how different this one was from the others in the series, more focused on hunter/vampire interaction. Kahlid proved to be just as strong and incredibly talented as any supernatural and I loved that part.
2022-10-05 19:33:32
user avatar
Theresa Dupuis
I am anxiously waiting for the next book in this series, The Genius Delta. I love the story and love your writing style. While I wait I will catch up on the cross over Incubi series.
2022-10-03 09:15:32
user avatar
Nan kcl
I loved it! It was so good from starting to reading Dream Mate..and i'm already hooked!
2022-09-29 18:23:30
default avatar
I just want to scream!!!!! I was so excited about this book and then kept putting it off and saving it for a good read. What I didn’t expect was well. How this book was gonna go. I don’t think I’ve ever screamed, cried, laughed and screamed some more so much in a book!
2022-09-27 14:38:27
user avatar
When I first heard about this story I really wasn’t sure if it was going to be up my alley. However as Author Bryant does I was hooked with in the first few chapters. With each new chapter I fell more and more in love with this story. Dani and Khalid’s story is Beautifully Unexpected! A must Read!
2022-09-17 06:16:42
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63 Chapters
Chapter 1 - Khalid
Fuck! I swerved as a bullet took out my rear right tire. Double fuck! I should have never freed my mother. I should have left the bitch to die at the hands of the Bloodmoon Alpha.She said we would leave and that we would go home. She promised we would leave Isis and Auntie Sarael alone.I even sought Syndicate sympathizers within Bloodmoon to help me get her out, promising that my sister would ensure Kurt officially renounced all claims to his father’s pack.I didn’t realize when they got her; she made a new deal—promising to kill Isis so that either Kurt would be weak enough to kill or accept Noya as a chosen mate. I may not be a fan of my sister being with a werewolf, but I also know and accept I don’t get a say.Isis is a werewolf, and therefore, Kurt is her soulmate. I wouldn’t want to separate her from her soulmate.I thought just having her get him to abstain from being Alpha would be sufficient. My mother went too far.And now she’s dead. Fuck! I swerved again, and the bullet
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Chapter 2 - Daniela
I don’t have the time or energy for this shit. But what should I expect sitting at a table in el Amanecer Silencioso or The Silent Dawn to the English speakers? Certainly not quiet. If I wanted quiet, I would have stayed in my apartment. But sunset came, and I needed to dispose of last night’s meal. A tasty morsel of A negative in an unsuspecting murderer who foolishly thought I was his prey. I made sure to leave him in a place where eventually, the police would find his body and be able to close the cases of his multiple murders. I got my meal, the victims' families will get closure, and the streets of Guaymas are a little safer. A win for all. Well safer from murderous humans. Still plenty of my kind lurking in the shadows looking for a meal. But on the whole, we tend not to kill our dinners. Just eat what we need, wipe their memories, and move on.I’d considered just heading back home or checking out a bit of the nightlife when Diana Ruiz called me saying she had some news I wou
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Chapter 3 - Khalid
I knew that the Hunters would eventually catch up with me. All I did was give myself a head start. I had only hoped it would have been long enough.But as I reached the border to Mexico, it became very apparent it wasn’t. I was trying to blend in with other vehicles crossing as I noticed Blaine glaring at me from the truck behind me.I knew I should have killed him. But that would have drawn more attention than I wanted. I glanced to either side of me, and I saw Benton Nye and Fredrick Clayton with more American Hunters in tow.Just great, I don’t need this bullshit. I hope these Americans won’t be stupid enough to cause an incident while crossing the board.They can’t be that dumb. Right? We are in a very public setting with government officials.
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Chapter 5 - Khalid
I wasn’t sure what would happen when I was left alone with Daniela. A few outcomes came to mind, and most involved one of us dying. But of the possible results I was prepared for, she went with the one I hadn’t thought of. Now I know I’m not supposed to find any supernatural creature attractive as a hunter. We aren’t supposed to allow a physical desire to interfere with what we are supposed to do. My family’s training included psychological training to control basser urges so that situations like this wouldn’t affect us on a hunt. I’m the last Adio heir. I have always been top in my classes and expected to lead the guild. Yet here I am getting hard as Daniela uses her body as an interrogation weapon. Part of me is repulsed, remindi
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Chapter 6 - Daniela
Well shit. I was not expecting all that. The Hunter just verbally spilled his guts and essentially bared his soul in one sitting. And of all the reasons he could be on the run, I hadn’t considered that he killed someone that high up in his guild, least of all his mother.  But he did it for a good reason. He did it to protect his sister. As someone with a sibling, there isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for Mariana. I would kill thousands if it saved Mariana. And I’d be more than happy to start with killing our father. His death has been a long time coming.  My emotions got the better of me. I empathize and sympathize with The Hunter. I know how it feels to have to face family, fight a parent, to save someone you love. That’s the only explanation for why I sat beside him and squeezed his hand.  
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Chapter 7 - Khalid
What the HELL just happened?! We were having a rather serious conversation. I was trying to express the level of insanity to Daniela’s plan to take on the Ductus of the Sonora clan, and okay, so I might have crossed a line. I was crass by bringing up what those assholes intended to do to her. So I’ll accept I earned that bitch slap. I tend to open my mouth and insert my foot. Being her nephew is the only reason Auntie Sarael didn’t do the same when I was in Oregon. And the only reason her Beta mate John didn’t hospitalize me.  I should have seen the hit coming. I wouldn’t have hit my head on the coffee table if I had. And if I hadn’t hit my head, I wouldn’t have found myself on the floor bleeding with two vampires looking at m
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Chapter 8 - Daniela
If I wasn’t so drained from using my abilities earlier, I don’t think I’d have slept a wink. Having the scent of a human in my house would be mildly annoying on any given day. But now that I’ve tasted his blood, it’s got me on edge knowing he’s just beyond that door. It took a lot of self-control to remain in my bed. It seemed to be working for a while but then that blasted alarm started going off, and he was sleeping through it. What is the point of setting the alarm if you sleep through it? I grumbled, throwing a robe on to force him awake. Maybe waking him up was well timed. He was twitching on the sofa; I don’t think it was good whatever he was dreaming about. He was shaken when he woke up. I could have and should have mocked him and continued to build that wall between us. But I didn’t. I couldn’t bring myself to do more than scold The Hunter for looking at my legs. I don’t know what his nightmare was about, but given the story he told us, I can imagine several options. The mos
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Chapter 9 - Khalid
Where am I? What’s going on? Why can’t I feel… well, anything? I mean, I kind of feel my body, but it’s somewhat fuzzy. It’s very surreal. Like the voices that sound like either they are, I am underwater. I’m so disoriented I can’t make out what is being said. I can at best tell they are speaking Spanish, so I’m still in Mexico and not dead. It took so much effort to get my eyes to open even a sliver. There weren’t any harsh lights, and while I could hear the beeping of machines, nothing smelled like sanitizer, so I was not in a hospital. Or at least not in a reputable one. Based on the pillows and generic comforter I can see, I’m on a bed. So I’m also not a hostage of the vampires or Guild. So I’m back to asking where I am and what the FUCK is going on. The last thing I remember is the central beam of Daniela’s place falling, separating us as the house burned. Did she leave me, or did she save me? Is she okay? Did they capture her while I was out? I do not need another failure unde
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Chapter 10 - Daniela
Do you know how agonizingly dull it is to be stuck in a motel room for a week? Now I’m supposed to remain in this room for another fucking week?! And now I won’t have the distraction of Diana and the doctor? Seven days alone with Khalid Adio, this is not going to be fun. It was easier to be cooped up in this room with Diana and the doctor as distractions. But now it’s just us. And he will be dependent on me, to a degree, as he continues his recovery. If I had acted faster, maybe told him about the escape path, things would have been different. I’ve got nearly eighty years’ worth of shoulda, woulda, coulda on my shoulders. At least Khalid is alive. So, I don’t have his death weighing on me too. Have enough blood and innocent lives on my hands. Granted, I probably shouldn’t consider Khalid innocent. His hands have plenty of blood on them just from being a hunter. “I would rather handle killing him alone. It is personal, and no offense, but I don’t include you in people that get to kno
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