These Maddening Desires

These Maddening Desires

By:  Mata0eve  Completed
Language: English
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"They say the first son's Duke is cursed." Refusing to marriage was the last thing Rosé could do when facing her parent's and sister's request. Rose, an energetic young lady learned of her older sister's fondness of a man. In happiness, the young girl supported her sister's love and hope for a happy marriage until one day, their aunt came with an offer their family could never refuse where she would be wedded to son of the Duke, Dominic who was known to be bound with a curse. Perhaps what others know about Dominic is not what the truth is?

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Love this book and all its mysteries! The reveal is well paced and the characters full of layers as we get to know them. I cannot wait for more...️
2022-06-28 22:37:56
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This book is a good read and the characters are interesting. The ML and FL have an interesting connection and the mystery is very intriguing. I cannot wait for more. I too started reading this book in another app and have started it here to catch up to the story....️
2022-05-29 22:29:56
user avatar
I LOVE this story! I followed this author from another app just because of it! This is a GREAT read!
2022-04-10 02:43:14
384 Chapters
Under The Umbrella
"You are my heart, my life, my one and only thought." -- The White Company by Arthur Conan Doyle****Recommended song to hear: Liebestraum  No. 3 -- Franz Liszt (use Spotify for a better experience) The year 1689– Her bright green eyes looked outside the window, worry came over her as she looked up into the murky sky pouring more land to the land, enough to almost create a storm soon. Fortunately, there was no harsh wind but with no sign of the rain going to let up, she feared that soon a storm would come. "Mama, I think I will go now," she said, and her mother came out of the hallway to the entrance of their humble house where the girl was standing. "Papa will have to wait under the rain for a long time if I don't." "Wait! Rosè!" Her mother said, wiping her hand on her apron that had dulled to yellow with the number of years that passed by and made her way to her dau
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Delivering Letters
"There is never a time or place for true love. It happens accidentally, in a heartbeat, in a single flashing, throbbing moment." — Sarah Dessen, The Truth About Forever **** A week passed by the rainy day, Rose looked out from the window of her room, watching the sky that was bright without the somber colored clouds that covered the blue sky like a few days before. "Without the rain, we will finally get some of the laundry done," said her mother when seeing Rose over the window. She pushed herself and walked to her mother, helping to take the basket in her hand. "It's a nice weather," she agreed, "I will help you with this," she offered but her mother shook her head. "How about helping me to go to the market? With your sister," added the woman, "I need you to send me this letter to the postman." "Letters? For aunty?" asked Rose which her mother answered
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Wrong Interest
"You are blood. You are sisters. No man can break that bond." ― Kim Boykin, A Peach of a Pair *******  Rose was startled to hear the name of the man who she and her sister had just talked about to appear in front of them. Being polite as their gazes met, Rose offered the man a smile which was failed to be returned and she noticed how Mr. Harding appeared to be stunned after looking at anything. It caused Rose to look at behind her as there was where she felt Mr. Harding's gazes were directed at. "Good afternoon," greeted Josie who tried to put a better smile on her lips so she wouldn't appeared too rushed and excited. "It's nice to see you here." Jayden seemed to be taken by something behind him and Josie turned her eyes after noticing how the man had settled his gaze for too long, ignoring her words. She looked behind finding only Rose and her head tur
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Mr. Anonymous
"I wish I knew how to quit you." —BrokeBack Mountain, Annie Proulx******* The talk the people had went heated for another round. Rose was not a gossip monger but she had heard something which she cannot let go. Since young, she had been a curious person who would always be interested in things that piqued her curiosity and would never be able to let go of the burning curiosity until she had the answer. In time her curiosity was piqued, Eleanor who was in the center of the conversation noticed her and waved her hand to call Rose from afar. "Rose! Here you are dear. You cooped yourself for so long inside your house that I begin to wonder if you will become a tale and only once in a week would I see you." Rose smiled in response to the woman's words, not taking it as noisy or intrusive. "Good afternoon, Mrs. Eleanor. I overheard your conversation from earlier. Was it about werewolf?" "Yes!
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Sister’s Worries
"Of two sistersone is always the watcher,one the dancer." ― Louise Glück, Descending Figure**** Without knowing Mr. Anonymous's condition, Rose went back home while wondering if the man was truly alright. They didn't spend more than ten minutes and it made Rose wonder why that man continued to linger in her mind despite the brief meeting? "It must be a concern," claimed Rose to herself. When she arrived back home, she was quickly greeted by Josie whose hair was tied in a bun. There were a few men who gathered around the fence and talked with her but once Rose appeared and Josie excused herself, the men scattered. Rose noticed how most of the men appeared to be peeved that they had to part away with Josie that caused Rose to smile. Since she was young, Rose noticed how her sister had always been the most beautiful in the village but her sister didn't seem to notice how the men regarded her as
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Lingering In Mind
Rose went down to the first floor of their house. She was a little taken aback and she won't lie by the question Josie had asked. She then remembered about the lingering look that Mr. Jayden Harding had when looking at her. "No way," whispered Rose. She wasn't convinced the man would like her when yesterday was only their first meeting. Walking toward the kitchen, she found her mother. "Oh my dearest, have you delivered the letter?" The older woman, Mrs. Maury wore an apron over her dress to stop the dusts from smudging over her dress. "Yes I did, on my way I heard about Mr. Hearst's accident again. They said there are possible werewolves amongst us in the village," answered Rose as she quickly went on her mother's side, "I will clean the plate," she said dutifully, knowing that her mother need rest. Mrs. Maury let her daughter take over, taking her kindness, "That's impossible. We know there are not
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Step Mother’s Ploy
It had been a week since he had been saved by a clueless woman who thought she could help him by a mere umbrella and somewhere with the days passed, he couldn't forget the girl who had took his interest and her sweet scent that still linger in the back of his mind even though days have passed. He knew he had a keen smelling sense, but the girl's scent was something different that even rain couldn't cease him from enjoying her sweet scent. He had threaded the thought of meeting her again and ordered his subordinate to quickly find the woman who he had been wanting to meet again. As for what he wanted to do when meeting her again, he put the thought on hold; thinking to choose what to do when he met her again who he had named in his mind as the rabbit of rose. When a knock came across his room, the man walked over the room and open the door. The maid who stood before the door had her eyes widen when she looked at his hair that was dampened and
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Pitiful Wife To Be
The atmosphere in the room turn stifling but Dominic was full of smile. Unlike others he quite entertain the hobby of seeing other squirm on awkward situation and to create the situation. He took a seat in front of his parents, "Tell me, mother and father, I supposed I am called here for a reason, am I not? As your obedient son, I will listen to all your every commands. What can I help you with?" Dominic's affluent words sounded sweet to the ears when only lady Ashley and Cain could hear the exaggerated sarcasm he accentuate in every words he said. No one could take offense of his polite yet poisonous words. "We have been thinking, Dominic," Lady Ashely started, her painted lips were pulled wide. Dominic raised one of his eyebrows. His "beloved" step mother was a woman who take offense on the littlest thing even if she falls, she was the type of someone who would blame the floor instead of her own goddamn legs that often
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Ambition and Greed
In Dominic's eyes there was sparkling interest. The girl had caught his attention like no one ever did. He didn't really feel attracted of kindness but no one had ever been kind to him. Through one small gesture of lending an umbrella, the woman caught his interest for she appeared not only a pure heart but a very peculiar line of thinking which attracted him. He had to be honest, he had never seen a soul so compassionate who would worry more about him than herself against the face of danger. She wasn't naive and now that it was dangerous, the little trembling of her slender fingers against his chest was still memorable to Dominic until now. She was only and simply kind. Cain had never seen the expression on Dominic's face despite being with him since they were young. He didn't know why this girl could attract Dominic's interest as not many could. And for those who did, they are now mostly turned into skeletons for they had attracted only th
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Unseen Cracks
"A crash never occur suddenly. It all started with fissures and the unseen cracks. How fearsome it is." **********  Rose held the handle of the pot, bringing it toward the table where the cover had been set. On the front side of the seat she took was her mother and father, Mr. and Mrs. Maury while on her left side was her sister, Josephine. When the dinner begin, Rose can't stop marveling at the taste of the soup, was there anything more fulfilling than ting a warmth bath or eating a delicious food after a tiring day? Well to Rose there was nothing. She recalled her cousin's remark where she commented about how mundane her days must have felt with how simple they live. But Rose thought it was the opposite. To have her family on the dinner table, together while sharing stories, she felt nothing more fulfilling and rewarding. God's mercy was by bringing her a peaceful day like today was.
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