Through The Storm

Through The Storm

By:  Kiraran  Completed
Language: English
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Sequel to "Submerged Land" Waking up in a new place wasn't easy, but it wasn't new for Nathalia Trayce. She, along with her brother and former general Byron and Skyr, managed to escape Atlantis with the help of Trei, her best friend. Now, Nathalia and Byron, as the reincarnated demigods, must train with the sea folks to unlock their true potential. And in order for them to protect themselves and fight back when it is necessary. But their problem doesn’t stop there. It gets worse when they found out that the true object of the Atlanteans was to awaken the legendary sea serpent. The serpent that was raised by the original demigod. In order for them to fully protect its location, they must build the scepter of the first demigod, which was scattered into three parts and in three different locations. With Lord Ylgarr learning of this information, it has now become a race for the two sides on who would be able to build the scepter first.

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Brandy Rosse Pigman
Great story
2022-07-11 12:48:06
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More chapters please
2021-12-16 11:13:23
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Julia Nora
i can't wait for the next chapter! 😆 if you have any socmed to keep up with your readers, please let me know :) thanks
2021-07-16 20:02:25
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I'm enjoying this second installment to the story. I hope for more chapters soon.
2021-07-06 15:05:21
user avatar
Krissy Brinn
I cant wait to see what happens next. I love all of your books. Team Skyr !!!!
2021-05-17 23:10:55
75 Chapters
Red is its eyes and he stood as tall as any mountain. His loyalty to his master was incomparable. He was not only his master, but he was his savior and his family.He was the last of his kind.But his master was killed. Instinct took over. He knows what he has to do.Damn all humans. His master was killed because of them.Should he forgive them? No. They don’t deserve to live.Even after all these years, all humans do is pollute and destroy their water. Does that count as repentance? No!It was the serpent’s nature to seek revenge. And he wants to take revenge. 
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Chapter 1 The Calling
My eyes blinked slowly as I was starting to regain consciousness. My mind was fuzzy and I feel like I should be remembering something important, but my brain refused to work.“Look, she’s awake! Call doctor Loren!”I heard shuffling of feet against the tiled floor. I was awake now and just started to look all around me. The first thing that I noticed was some white painted walls. It wasn’t like the walls back in Atlantis that were made out of metal. These walls were made of cement.Atlantis.I gasped and immediately bolted upright as memories started to flood my mind.“Woah there!” A nurse was immediately at my side. She was Asian, but she clearly has Atlantean blood judging from the whites
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Chapter 2 Back to The Old Norm
“Your vitals seems okay. Blood pressure is normal as well.” The doctor concluded while I was laying in bed.“Great.” I said as I propped himself up on one arm. “Lie down, Nat.” Trei scolded me and gently pushed me back down.I swatted his hand away with a frown. “I have been lying here for who knows how long. I am tired and bored of staying here and doing nothing.” I stubbornly sat on the bed and rubbed my neck. “But-” Trei started to speak but the doctor that was running the test on me placed a hand on his shoulder with a shake of her head.“Sir Trei, she has fully recovered already. I think it would be more than fine for her to leave.” She s
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Chapter 3 VIP
The cafeteria here is such chaos. Not only was it full, but it was a bit small compared to the one in Atlantis. “Isn’t it great?” Byron asked me as we squeezed our way into the crowd. “Great?” I questioned him. “Byron, what is so great about crowded places?!” I demanded as I squeezed myself through the gaps of people. I looked back to see that Trei was looking at us amusedly. “What are you standing there for?” “Nothing.” He grinned while trying to fight off a smile.“Geez. If there are so many people here, why can’t they make a bigger cafeteria?” I squirmed.“What are you talking about, Nat? This is great. This way we c
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Chapter 4 Glowing Cave
“Meet him.” I repeated. “Meet him where?” I asked nervously as I shot Byron a glance. My apparent twin had a fork in his mouth as he simply waited for Trei’s response. Skyr was trying to busy himself by eating, but you could tell that he was listening as well.I mean, hearing the leader of the sea people, a race that was once thought of to be extinct is kind of……Let’s just say that even though we were trying to act normal, we are still trying to adjust to the fact that we are in a cafeteria full of them.And it wasn’t easy to stop ourselves from staring at them.“I’ll take you both there when you finish eating.” He assured us. “And as for the general, it might be difficult since it will be i
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Chapter 5 Triton
‘Who has the gift to talk to the sea creatures?’ The Sea king continued to ask. When I looked at the others, it seems to appear that only Trei and I were able to understand him.‘I do.’ I responded with my mind.‘Ah, the female. A pleasure to meet you, my lord. My name is Grukren. And in your past life, we were acquainted.’ He says.I met Byron’s gaze and saw that he was looking at me in confusion. He has probably guessed by now that I was communicating with the leader of the sea people.I raised a hand to Byron and gestured for him to wait. ‘Grukren, was it? Is there a way for Byron to hear your thoughts as well? If it is something that you need to tell me, then it is only right that my brother gets to hear it as well. Aft
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Chapter 6 Discrimination
“Nat? Do you think that they are looking at us?” Byron whispered to me.“Wow, Byron. I wonder what gave that away. Surely it’s not because of the crowd gathering around us, right?” I asked in a deadpanned tone.Byron turned to look at me with a fascinated look. “How did you know!?”I blew air out of my lips in exasperation. Byron and I stood awkwardly at the sea of crowd that was forming around us. News that we were demigods spread around the district and people were curious about us. To Byron, it might be normal for him, but for me, it was a new and foreign feeling. I bit the inside of my cheeks as I played with the hem of my shirt. Again, I kind of miss the jumpsuit that I wore back when we were in Atlantis. It was way mo
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Chapter 7 Meaning of Fun
The door lets out a bang as I kicked it open. Several people, who were just passing by, jumped when they saw me leaving the training room with a very red face.I was furious and embarrassed. But more than that, I was disappointed with myself.As I continued to walk aimlessly in the hallway, I could not help but remember the instant that my body suddenly moved on its own as if it was on autopilot.I was pretty certain that it wasn’t the first time that this ever happened. I remember a few times that it happened when I was back in Atlantis. And most of the time, it usually happens when I become emotional or just in a pinch.I flinch the longer I walked that I started to become more aware of the state that I was in.
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Chapter 8 Ice Pillar
Trei led us to some sort of back garage. How do I know? Because of all the snowmobile lined all around us. As we entered, Trei gestured for us to follow to one side of the room to get some thick coats for us to wear. He handed us some gloves, snow boots, and some googles.“I thought that as Atlanteans, we can hardly feel the cold?” I asked him but still wore the gear anyway.“True,” Trei says. “But for safety precautions, just wear it. We are immune to the feeling of cold, but that doesn’t mean that our bodies won’t get sick in the process.”“But you made us take a dive ice-cold water to meet your great grandfather,” Byron says as he struggled to pull the thick coat over his head. “Um...Nat? Help?” He says as his arms got stuck in t
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Chapter 9 I Worry
Later that day, Trei tried to ask permission to see his grandfather, but unfortunately, Grukren couldn’t talk at the moment because there were matters that he needed to attend to. I told the others about what I saw. About SIlisk and how it must be connected to the prophecy that Grukren told and warned us about.He was conscious. And he was waking up.Honestly, I was still a bit shaken up that I was afraid to even think about it. And so, while Trei was trying to fix me with a schedule with his grandfather, Sky and Byron decided to give me a tour of the facility. But it was mostly Skyr who was doing all the work while Byron was simply tagging along. The facility wasn’t that huge like Atlantis, but it was big nonetheless. It can cater to at least half a thousand people. From what I heard, there are ot
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