In His Voice

In His Voice

By:  Adashe Rose  Completed
Language: English
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I sighed again. "I understand. I'm sorry for using the tone I used before." I ran a hand through my hair in frustration. "Why didnt you tell me about your problem on day one? I would have spoken louder. I wou-" She shook her head. "That's not necessary." "Why isn't it?" "T-t-there's something about your voice," she stammered nervously as she gently tugged at her fingers. "My voice?" She nodded again. "It's hard to ignore." "I don't understand where you're going with this." "Your voice," she looked down as a light blush stained her cheeks, "is the only voice that I can hear perfectly." ~ Alexia Dawson is a partially deaf woman who struggles to fit in with the other staff at her workplace. Being heterochromic as well, she is the main target for gossip and this makes her very insecure. One night, she is humiliated during a party by one of her coworkers and leaves the building in tears. In the parking lot, she meets a stranger who listens to her troubles and this man later turns out to be the boss' son who happens to be taking over the company the following week! As these two come together in this beautiful romance, a jealous younger brother and ex fiancée get thrown into the mix! What will become of this pair of lovers?

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user avatar
Alexia got me irritated at times but nice story really nice
2022-09-24 22:56:03
user avatar
Mary Grace Anhao Labuga
very nice and i love how calm the story is. the character is not very exagg and thats a good thing for me
2022-03-25 08:27:37
user avatar
nami laroza
Nice story flow
2022-01-23 00:47:13
user avatar
Ariadna Cardona
Great beginning. Interesting so far; I will continue to read it eagerly.
2021-12-31 23:25:49
user avatar
Kristīne Kaļiņina
Enjoyed reading this. Pretty well written and a lovely story
2021-09-18 03:47:54
user avatar
Leonora Morgado
very good reading
2021-07-04 12:08:49
default avatar
Susan Quek
Nice novel about imperfect people
2021-11-05 19:04:29
47 Chapters
Chapter 1
Alexia. I was woken up by annoying vibrations on my left wrist and groaned as I pressed the off button on the watch. I immediately snuggled deeper into the comforter, figuring that an extra thirty minutes couldn't hurt anybody. It was a glossy pink wristwatch that was recommended to children between the ages five to twelve and it was a really embarrassing gadget for a woman my age to carry around. Being partially deaf, I used this thingamajig as an alarm because my usual alarm was either too low to be heard or loud enough to give me a migraine. An hour later, I was scrambling out of my car and locked it as I made my way through the parking lot. I had slept in for more than I had planned, not that it was unexpected, but still! I tied my hair tightly and left my heels unbuckled for the office. I also wasn't confident that I didn't have a smudge of dried toothpaste at the corner of my mouth, but that was the least of my worries. "Alex!" My best friend, Luis, called excitedly as she
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Chapter 2
Alexia. "What!?" Luis exclaimed in surprise. "The boss has a son?" "Seems like it," I answered as I took a warm fry into my mouth, observing the overexcited specimen seated across from me. "Judging from how hot the boss looked in the old company pictures, I bet that he's a major hottie as well." I laughed. "Is that seriously all you care about?" "What else should I care about?" She asked, confused. I hummed. "What if he's not a good boss? How is his temper?" "Girl, thats none of my business. Besides, anybody having you as a Personal Assistant - bad temperament and all - would instantly have their heart softened." I smiled in amusement at that and leaned back into my chair. "And what makes you so sure about that?" "You just have that kind of affect on people." It was probably just pity. "Anyway, we'll have a new boss next week, Luis. So what if he is a greek god?" Her eyes widened in surprise. "So what? I can kill to be you." "Being me is not fun," I assured and she responde
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Chapter 3
Michael. I yawned as I steered my car into the underground parking lot, hoping that I was at the right place or rather, in the right mind. After playing hooky for an hour, I decided to give the employees a break and actually come to this lousy party. The booze must be worth it or else someone's going to die tonight. Suddenly receiving an email from my father after twelve years, requesting for me to take over his company, gave my peaceful life a complete one-eighty degree flip. Although I was an Accounts graduate, my whole life has been centered on photography. The thing that shocked me the most wasn't the request in it but the person who sent it. My father never had much interest in me. I thought that he'd give the company to my goody-two-shoes younger brother who, last time I checked, was such a devoted ass kisser. I looked around and noticing that nobody was there, I slowed my car down before looking into the compartment under the radio for my pack of gum. I suddenly heard a loud
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Chapter 4
  Alexia. It was soon time for lunch and I went to get Michael something to eat. I didn't know what he liked but when I asked, he said that anything was good. Which wasn't saying much, if you ask me. I wanted to get him something that suited his tastes but the variety I was given made me nervous because of how broad it was.  Michael and I had been working together for three days now and he didn't talk to me much. Apart from the greetings we exchanged in the mornings and him ordering me around, we've never really gotten to know each other at all. It troubled me that I was still new to him and him new to me. I preferred knowing everything I was allowed to know about my boss to avoid mistakes.  I had just arrived from an international restaurant that sold amazing pasta and beef stew. Running errands for his father really paid off because I knew all the reliable and wonderful places for food, wine and social and business ga
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Chapter 5
Alexia. Friday finally arrived and saying that I was glad was an understatement. We finished work three hours earlier than usual and I could hear the weekend whispering my name. I had just saved the document that I was working on and leaned back into my chair with a relieved sigh. Closing my eyes, I ran my hand over my face and allowed relaxation to take over my entire being. "Don't you dare drop dead on me." I opened my eyes to see Luis walking towards me with a playful smile on her face. She had a black handbag and a few documents with her so, she must've been done with her work for the day. I smiled at her. "Don't worry. I still have a long life ahead of me." She sat at the edge of my desk. "Guess what I heard?" "What?" "It's about Saturday," she said as she gave me a stern look and the smile that graced her features was suddenly out of sight. I sat upright. "I just tripped. You know how clumsy I get sometimes." Her jaw dropped. "Seriously? You're not honest at all. Kendra,
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Chapter 6
Alexia. I squatted on the floor and pulled out my clothes from the dryer before putting them in a basket. Standing up, I put the basket on top of the dryer and walked into the kitchen. That was the last cleaning I had to do for the day and I felt extremely bored. I pored some snacks into Cookie's bowl and put it in front of her along with a bowl of water. She was given to me by my mother as a birthday present last year. My mom constantly said that I was too isolated and needed company that wasn't only Luis and Tony. Luckily, Cookie wasn't difficult to hear and her cheerful attitude never failed to put me in high spirits. My school life, wasn't so smooth sailing. Although I got good grades and had an acceptable number of friends, there were always a few stereotypes here and there. It was either them making fun of you because of your disability or them getting all sympathetic and treating you like a "special" patient. Was it so difficult to treat everybody the same? I understood and a
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Chapter 7
  Micheal. "It's been a pleasure working with you," an old dark haired man with a really bushy beard said as he shook my hand. "It's been a pleasure working with you too, Mr...." "Leonard Smith," Alexia whispered to me. "Mr. Smith," I completed with a smile. "You've really inherited your father's work ethic. It's good," Leonard said. "I hope that we do business again."  "Likewise." I was from attending a meeting with some business associates that my father couldn't really work with because they demanded ludicrous amounts of money at every meeting. I felt a strong sense of pride at making them come to terms with a much more agreeable profit split. This was the first business meeting that I've ever attended at Clarkson Corperation. It was scary at the beginning because I didn't know anybody and I had a feeling that most of them didn't trust me. Luckily, Alexia was with me and told me the
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Chapter 8
Alexia. I stood at the corner of Michael's office as I poured coffee into a white mug that was on top of a short mahogany table that stood at the centre of Michael's office. This office was quite large. When you walked in, you'd be met by a medium, circle shaped rug that was at the centre of the room with the table on it. His desk and file storage units were behind that and a large, potted plant stood on each corner of his work space. On the left, the entire wall was actually a window and it gave veiw to the beautiful scenery around. Hearing the door open, I looked at Michael and greeted, "Good morning, sir." "Good morning, Alex," Michael replied as he closed the door behind him. He then stood next to me and looked at the mug. "What are you doing?" "I decided to make you some coffee early, so that you could find it when you arrive." "Where's yours?" "I'll buy mine downstairs." He hummed. "I thought I made it clear that I had no problem eating with you. Let's eat together from no
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Chapter 9
Alexia. The City of Venice, Italy. It's been a dream of mine to visit Italy and coming to Venice was an absolute plus. I looked at the beautiful stars that illuminated the night sky through every window we walked passed as we made our way to our rooms at the top floor of our hotel. A wide grin spread across my face as I drank in the elegance of the halls and the fancy interior. "Someone's looking pretty happy," Michael said, occupying the space on my right, and he playfully nudged my shoulder with his own. "I'm excited." I looked at him. "I've always wanted to come here but I've never had the chance." He nodded understandingly. "Then I'm glad that you got to experience this." "It's just for business anyway," I said with a longing sigh. "I don't think that I'll have the time to explore." He chuckled. "We won't be attending meetings all day and the last day is a bit of a free day." "It's still a little time for someone who has never been here," I said, a little bummed that we'd o
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Chapter 10
Alexia. Yesterday was so embarrassing and the worst way to start my first day at such a lovely place that I was looking forward to being in. After the discussion with Michael, I went back to look for my hearing aids and found them at a corner under my bed, behind the drawer. Today was a new day and I was planning on clearing Michael's name. He was right. I probably left a bad impression and this was a huge business deal for Clarkson Corp. If things didn't go our way, all the blame would be on Michael and the investors would lose their trust in him. I didn't want to be the cause of Michael's immediate downfall. Sophia's words clicked in my mind and I quickly shook them off so as to not jinx my day. I said my apologies to Mrs. Griffin and she replied with an, "Of course. I hope that's the last time you'll show such inadequacy and embarrass Michael." I simply nodded my head. A simple, "No problem," would have been fine. Today, the meeting ended much earlier and as usual, all the att
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