Together Forever

Together Forever

By:  Adavel  Ongoing
Language: English
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The lack of love and the family's ruin seems to be the best combination to love again. In the end, Mia doesn't know who to trust, but she alone is enough to care for the ones she loves.

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2023-02-24 06:43:22
15 Chapters
Mia was patiently waiting for everyone in the hall to be distracted enough so that no one would notice her absence. She didn't want to be there, but she did it for her grandfather. She didn't like the attention she received, and all the protocol was something she wasn't willing to endure. When her grandfather ran into an old friend, Mia took the opportunity to escape through the bathroom window, although her cumbersome dress made her escape attempt anything but easy. She kept getting stuck in the window frame until, finally, after several attempts, she was able to free herself. However, she lost her balance and fell onto someone. Her face turned as white as a sheet. In her mind, there was only the image of one of her grandfather's guards preventing her from leaving, her grandmother's scolding words, and her grandfather's disappointed eyes upon learning that she had failed to keep her promise. "Wouldn't it be better to use the door?" a sweet but manly voice was heard just below her.
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It didn't take long for Mia to leave the mansion. She knew the way perfectly, and it was the one she used when she didn't want anyone to follow her. However, hours before her grandparents' anniversary party, one of her friends told her about a party where Esteban, her first love and ex-boyfriend, would be. Mia tried everything, even pretending to have a strong stomach infection so that they wouldn't force her to go to the party, but in the end, she was dragged by her grandmother. Mia didn't protest anymore because she promised her grandfather that she would behave herself that night. But she could not stop going to the place where her heart was. Since she broke up with Esteban, she had not gone out with anyone, hoping that he would come back to her. Their romance, although brief, was very intense. Everything collapsed quickly after everyone found out that she had gone out with one of the tennis instructors at the social club. The reason she chose Esteban over the boys she had known s
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For Mia, time passed very slowly during the races that lasted about an hour in the evening, with three races held. In the last race, the two winners of the first two races faced each other for the cash prize. Esteban was one of the best runners, which allowed him to pay for college, although it was quite risky. "Are you all right?" Sara asked her friend when she saw her lost in thought. "Yes, it's just that I don't like this place very much," Mia replied. "Don't worry, when Esteban's career is over, ask him to take you to another place." In the end, Mia could only let the time pass, and what she wanted most at that moment was to see Esteban. Just as Sara said, Esteban's race was over, and she could see on the screens installed in the warehouse how he crossed the finish line. Mia wanted to run over to congratulate him, but the space was only reserved for a few people. The races were broadcasted live, but at the finish line, only the runners, some mechanics, sponsors, and one or two
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"It was not easy for Nicolas to lose the person on the motorcycle. He had been chasing them for almost half an hour. He did not know who he was, but he could see that his presence upset the girl. In the end, Nicolas realized that the best way to get the man away was to take the girl to his house. He lived in an exclusive complex, so the guy would be stuck trying to get in, which would give the girl time to stop seeing him and calm down. After parking in front of his house, he touched the shoulder of the girl who was crying silently, but with such great pain that Nicolas' own heart ached. "Are you all right?" Nicolas touched the girl's arm. "We've already lost them." Mia had been watching through the car's mirror the whole time, seeing how Esteban was chasing them and signaling them to stop. She hadn't been paying much attention to the road, so she didn't know where she was. When she realized that she had gotten into the car of a stranger, she was afraid of what could happen to her be
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The sun's rays coming through the open curtains of Nicolas' room woke up Mia, who was wrapped in the same blanket that the boy had taken out the night before. The smell of Nicolas' strong and imposing perfume snuck through Mia's nose, making her smile. The warmth of the memories from the night before made her feel like she was in a fairy tale. Mia got out of bed and took one of Nicolas' cardigans from the closet. It reached her mid-thigh, and she realized that the boy who had saved her twice the night before was even taller than Esteban, almost as tall as Ivan, her friend's boyfriend. She then realized that her cell phone had been turned off since the night before and that her friends were probably very worried about her. Mia didn't know how to face Nicolas after causing her so much trouble the night before. She also felt ashamed that she had used him as a pillow, even though she had felt comfortable with his company. The shame made her want to run away from there as fast as possible
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Mia's grandparents were in the foyer of the house when the girl entered. They were expecting a scolding from her grandmother and a look of disappointment from her grandfather, but none of that happened. They were both smiling as if they didn't know that she had run away from the party, but if they called Rebeca it was because they already knew. "Did you have fun with your friends?" Her grandfather was the first to approach Mia. "A lot, Grandpa" Mia didn't know what was going on, but when her grandfather firmly took her hand, she knew that something was wrong at that moment. The man guided his granddaughter into the living room, where she could see more people. Her grandmother was smiling at her, and it was clear that something was not normal, causing alarms to go off for Mia. "She is quite beautiful," a middle-aged man stood up to welcome her. "Right, Nicolas?" That name made Mia look at the person standing next to the man. It was him, the guy who saved her the night before, the
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Mia got into Nicolas' car, holding her grandfather's head. She felt guilty for being the one to blame for her grandfather fainting. She was determined to break off the engagement, and her emotions overcame her, causing tears to run down Mia's cheeks like a river. "Don't worry, he will be fine," Nicolas saw the girl in the rearview mirror and felt the need to comfort her. "The hospital is not far away, and you will see that everything will be fine." "Grandpa, please open your eyes," the girl wanted to believe what Nicolas was telling her, but seeing the situation, she couldn't help but think the worst. "Dada, I'll do whatever you say, but please wake up." While it was true that Nicolas wanted to marry Mia, in the end, he knew that his parents had played dirty to get the great Arthur Brown to give as a guarantee to his granddaughter. The truth was that the great empire had suffered many losses in recent years, and Arthur was too old to take over the management of such a large business
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At the hospital, a team of doctors and nurses was already prepared to assist Arturo. It was Nicolas' parents who called the hospital and followed their son's car, with Mrs. Brown inside. Despite the chaos, the only one who couldn't maintain her composure was Mia. Her grandmother, who knew what was happening, remained calm. After all, the couple had lived together for 60 wonderful years, and she knew that the end was near. Besides, it was not Arturo's first attack. "Grandma, Grandpa, me..." Mrs. Brown considered telling her granddaughter that this was normal, but she and her husband knew they had to make Mia accept it. "Calm down, Miranda. Everything will be fine, but I hope you understand that your grandfather and I only want the best for you," Mrs. Brown said sternly. "No more childish scandals. You must obey us." "I'll do whatever you ask of me from now on," Mia said. Mrs. Brown knew that her granddaughter's will was not very strong, but she had grown up sheltered from the family
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Mia was weak, so Nicolas had to carry her almost the entire way to her grandfather's room. He found the old man connected to monitoring machines, appearing to be asleep but with a worried and guilty expression on his face. He had never wanted to sell his granddaughter and didn't want her life to be marked by duty, but he had no choice. The decision weighed heavily on him."Grandma, go eat something," Mia said. "I want to talk to my grandfather for a while." Mrs. Brown approached her husband and kissed him goodbye, knowing it might be the last time. The kiss caused the man to open his eyes as if he wanted to see the face of his life partner."I haven't taught them to live without me yet," Arturo said with a broken voice, looking at the two women he loved most in his life."It was long enough to love you," Mrs. Brown replied, her voice shaking.Arturo's gaze shifted to Mia and then down to the waist of the girl who was being held up by Nicolas. This brought some peace to his heart, know
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The Brown Empire was coveted by many, and this led Mia to mature overnight. She stopped thinking about trivial things that had worried her until that morning. She almost laughed when she saw a message from her ex-boyfriend on her cell phone. She used to yearn for that to happen, but now it didn't matter to her anymore. She no longer wanted to be his girlfriend when she had to be another man's wife. A man who had embraced her, trying to hold her up so that she wouldn't fall. It was as if he didn't want her to suffer, but in the end, nothing mattered anymore. The past was buried, and now the future of her surname was all that mattered to her.Nicolas took Mia out of the hospital and asked her to rest. She hadn't slept well since the previous night. He also offered to take care of the funeral arrangements and other things. In the end, he had known from the beginning that his family was bankrupt, and it was an open secret among the businessmen. But with the merger of the companies, not on
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