54 Chapters
Danielle's POV:It's been two days since asshole, that's what I'm calling the one gang guy, came to get Rose and me. He said his name was Michele but I honestly don't believe. I know his last name is actually Rosi because he owns the hotel. How I know that is because all the workers keep calling him boss.Luca has stayed with asshole. I still haven't spoken to Luca about anything. I avoid him at all costs. It just brings back too many memories and it scares me honestly. Rose has taken a liking to both men, co
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"I think Rose is too tired to continue," I say as Rose lays her head on my shoulder. Scar is holding the purple pony and the giraffe that Rose had won. It took her almost an hour to win the giraffe. "We should probably get back to the hotel.""I'll take Fiore," Rosi says as I hand Rose over to Rosi. "Don't you have to tell Logan and Scarlett."I glare at him as he smirks at me. Scar gives me a confused expression as I look over at my two friends. Rosi walks ahead of us with Rose.Read more
"Bella, Fiore," someone says as they shake my shoulder. "We are here. You need to wake up."My eyes open and I realize that Rose is leaning on my shoulder, still sleeping. I unbuckle my seatbelt before I undo do Rose's. I get out of the car and pick her up. There are two men who are outside now that are grabbing our luggage from the trunk."Over here Elle," Rosi says as he walks towards two large wooden doors. "Welcome to your new home." With that he opens the doors and leads us inside. There is a large chandelier as
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A few minutes after being in the room everyone hears a gun shot. Aurora holds on to her mother's arm and I hold on to Rose tighter. She starts to stir in her sleep from the sudden noise. I run her back and hum in her ear to keep her asleep because I really don't need her waking up right now."How often does this happen?" I whisper to Aurora."Not very. Usually the fighting is away from the house," she tells me. "My dad knew that the fight was coming and wouldn't have had enough to get everything out. So we prepared for the fi
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Aurora is still yelling at me and Dad while Mario holds her back. The nurses are still finishing up on Antonio and can't afford to be distracted. Rose has stood with Elle a little ways down the hall, because Aurora wanted them to stay close. She's already grown close to Elle in the span of hours."Papá!" Aurora yells and gets me out of my daze. "Questo è ridicolo! Fammi vedere lui!""No Aurora," I cut dad off. "He'll be ready for visitors soon. Just give it time."Read more
Danielle's POV:1 week laterI officially start in the kitchen today. I have been with Aurora a lot this week to get her back on track. Antonio is healing and doing so much better but he is still in bed rest. I was in charge of making sure Aurora ate and got her vitals. Really whatever she needed.Nicola gave me my uniforms last night and I ha
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Nicola's POV:Why is this girl getting in my head! I slam my computer shut in frustration. I can't do anything without her popping into my mind. Like I just want to go back to how everything was. She's literally been here for a week and has already disturbed my entire work schedule, which technically isn't her fault.She's just different. She talks back to me and half the time she does the opposite of what I say. Oh and she calls me Nicola when she is pissed at me. All of my workers call me Mr. Rosi, boss or
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Rose stayed with me until dinner, she was very focused on finishing her picture. She wouldn't even let me look at it, it was a secret. My work for today is almost finished so hopefully I can make it up to dad tomorrow. I don't really need a lecturing from mom. Those are the worst. Especially when it concerns dad's health because the guilt weighs on my shoulder ten times more."Rose it's time for dinner," I say as I shut my laptop. Rose has her tongue out slightly as she concentrates on her drawing. She holds up one finger with her free hand to tell me to wait a moment. "Rose now."Read more
Danielle's POV:The dining room is gigantic. There are two long tables in it, allowing every member and worker in the house to eat at once. Rose insisted on sitting next to Nicola the first night we ate dinner here and it just kind of stuck throughout the week. I just keep to myself or listen to Rose talk to avoid Nicola."Momma," Rose says as I finally sit at the table.Read more
We get down to the pool and Rose attempts to put on her float by herself. I help her put it on but tell her to wait until I get into the pool. She sits on the groan and slips of her sandals, while throwing her towel next to them. I roll my eyes at my daughter's eagerness before I slip off my sandals and cover up. Nicola is setting his towel and phone down on a chair next to me. "Are you ready baby girl?" I ask Rose as she stands up."Wets go momma!" Rose smiles as she grabs my arms and takes me to the steps. She leads me int
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