Zombie zone

Zombie zone

By:  Ajiboye loveth  Completed
Language: English
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On february 12, 2027. In Center for Disease and Pandemic District Hospital Washington, DC. So many staffs are busy working in there; And each of them as it's own position. Some of them are: Luis George, Jane Raymond, John, Fred and Margaret. It was past 8am, when Luis George that works mostly on blood samples came to drop a package that contains a zombie's blood on the desk of Mrs. Jane Raymond, who is the director of the District hospital. Luis told Mrs. Jane that, an anonymous person came to deliver a package and it read "A community is full of zombies search for it!" Later on, Luis betrayed Mrs. Jane.Margret and Fred argument leads to the blow off of the DC. After the DC was destroyed, those that survives gets to meet a lot of different people on their way while looking for shelter. One of those they met on their way, was named Michael. The world turns into hell when everybody started turning into zombies, then a fight began between the remaining survivors, Zombies, and Aliens. Vaccine that was created, was later distributed among the other survivors they met.Unfortunately, the vaccine expired which leads to another tragedy and that makes Michael the last man standing.

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107 chapters
Zombie i
Chapter 1. Zombie (i) February twelve, Two thousand and twenty-seven. Eight o'clock. It was a very busy day at the Center for Disease and Pandemic District Hospital, Washington, DC. A big Laboratory and often used by the Militants. The building was so high and big, and had three entrances; The Front, Left Side, and Backside. It's painted with white colour and so many staff members work therein and each of them has his or her position. Luis George is forty-one years old and was born in Georgia. He is six-point forty-five feet tall with black hair and brown colored eyes. One could say he's slim. He was Married to Anabel Williams, and he also works as an Assistant staff at the Center for Disease and Pandemic District Hospital, Washington, DC. He mostly works on blood samples in the Laboratory. In his mind, he wants to help his family but is that what he wants? Or he needs to fight for his family. A phrase people commonly associate with him is… “No man, for any considerable period, c
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Zombie ii
Fever and she just called me now, and I need to go see her,” Joseph said after clearing his throat. And sounded nervous, then Mrs Jane looked at him, “Why didn't you tell me before?” Mrs Jane sounded upset. “I'm sorry!” He replies. “Then who will follow me now?” she asked with an unhappy expression on her face. “Why not Luis?” Joseph suggested. Jane looked at Luis. “Are you ready for this?” She asked. “He told me about his wife, so I would go with you”. Luis replied while staring at Joseph. "Why don't you help him take care of his wife?” Jane asked Luis with a straight face. “It's my wife we're talking about here and not his, so please!” Joseph moved closer to Jane and said angrily. “Okay, fine, let go”. Jane and Luis went straight to where the DC private Jet parked and both of them got in. While Jane was putting on a parachute, Luis looked at Gomez, and their eyes contacted, with an eye signal ongoing b
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Zombie iii
The entrance was blocked with a van. Leo laughed and said not everyone turns but because we need to save the world we blocked the entrance so no one could escape.Suddenly Luis turned to Leo.When he turned his face to Leo there was no trace of tears, not in his eyes or in track marks on his redding face. His eyes were narrowed, rigid, cold, hard at that moment Luis knew he was already far away. Once more Leo was the enemy.If Luis swings from most loved to most hated, it would be the end of Leo. Luis state had no greyscale, only the polar extremes existed. Luis drew in a deep breath, the burning hard stare would last only as long as it took him to think of the most brutally cutting thing he could tear Leo down with."Don't tell me that most of the healthy people here, you let them turn into this?" He said angrily. "We had no choice, we can't let them spread it! common man try understand"Luis used his left hand to punch Leo on his face. Leo's
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Jane saw a car parked very close to the Zone entrance and It was Leo's. And the car key was in the car. Jane picked the key and got inside the car.  Surprisingly, she saw a gun on the back seat. Then she traced the line of a moving car that she saw.It leads to one house surrounded by bush then she parked outside the house. Picked that gun from the car and went straight into the house. Luis was sitting on the floor in that house eating and crying when Jane pointed her gun on his head from the back. Jane used her gun edge to knock Luis out before he could wake up, she had tied him up on a chair. She slapped him several times with anger and the slap woke him up."Why did you do that?"  Luis begged for forgiveness and said his sons and his parents were in that zone and because of the order we got from the Prime Minister's Office. And also what you said that if the information is true, the community would be burn down and I can't stand i
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Water virus i
"Because Luis and Gomez have cut the fence wire and those monsters are out moving around" Jane replied."What"! Margret got shocked" Where is Luis?"  Fred asked"I don't know." Jane replied Then Fred said, "Let go back to that Zone and fixed the fence wire and set the place ablaze.""We can't do that it late already" Jane interjected."Can't we draw them back and bomb that place?" Fred asked again."But what caused that shit?  what kind of virus is that?" Stone asked in shocked "We need one of those Zombies." Jane said "Why"? Fred asked, glancing at Jane."We need to run a test on it and know what caused the virus." Jane responded.They all agreed to go back to that zone but Stone said he's not going because he's scared and they need someone to stay behindc, all of them can't leave just like that. The rest of them prepared and go back to that zone.Stone's wife called him
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Water virus ii
Margret and Fred started an argument. She was blaming Fred that he shouldn't have allowed Johnson go."You saw what happened, he won't listen!" Fred said to Margret.Margret was so furious that she keep insisting that Fred should have stopped him, then she mistakenly press the button that is not supposed to be pressed"Thank you. In the next forty minutes, the bombing will take place" The computer alerts!Everybody was so shocked, and Fred asked "Who did that?""Don't tell me Johnson did that shit!! everybody pack all your belongings we're moving out of here now!" Fred said angrily.They all packed their belongings and moved into another van then, then drove out of DC and stayed very far away looking at DC with a telescope. After forty minutes DC blows off. ----------------------------------------------------------Jane's neighbor drags her into the car. "Let get out of here together, we can't leave you here" One of her n
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Soldier Camp
The blood mistakenly splashed into in his mouth and he licked it. After cooking the deer he ate it. Then 3days later he developed some symptoms of fever and died. After 2hours of his death, he woke up again as a  zombie. And came out growling from his house looking for prey to devour. He keep on walking till he gets to damp that supply the east water so many deport get their waters from the damp because the water is always purify. He mistakenly fell into the damp. All the water that was supplied that day is infected, the first place that the water was delivered to was Tacoma the first Zone of Zombies. When the truck that supplies water enter the zone everybody bought the water. Then at mid night some of them were coughing while some has already turned to zombie biting others.***********************************************When Jane and Johnson got to DC, It was full of zombies. Jane was so pissed because there was know where
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Fred tried to explained to him but he wouldn't listen and he hit Fred on his cheek both of them started fighting.Margaret stopped them from fighting then Fred said we are leaving now and we will never come back. Almost everybody has turn in that city everywhere was busy and scattered  zombies are biting people anyhow.That night They All take the van and left. But before Fred left he looked at his uncle and said "I hate you!!" then they drive off.Once when they reach the community out-sketch they started hearing gunshots then Fred said he want to go back and  rescue Noa.Margaret replied him and said "If you want to go back you will have to walk back on your bare foot because we can't risk everybody life for that bastard!!Harrison confused Fred not to go. Then they proceed with their journey.They got to the soldier camp they're only few of them but has turn to zombie, they killed  all the soldiers that has turned to zombie
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Head of the family
"I have different types of guns with bomb. Since both of us we be traveling together, we have to move all the weapons into the van. And did you know what caused all this shit?" Casandra asked. "All the water from the East is contaminated with virus." Jane replied.Casandra got shocked! then she rushed to check all the bottle water she has, none of it is made from the east all of it is from the south and north. Then both of them promised to travel to East and  see maybe they can get cure.The next morning. They prepare all what their need, casandra brings out banger and said she will light it and threw it far away so that those biter will follow it. Both of them prepared everything and carry out they plan and it works. There throw  the banger from the window after lighting it those zombies followed the sound. Then both of them escaped packed everything inside the van,  one biter was about to bite Cassandra then Jane  shoot it.The
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Head of the family ii
*Earlier*One afternoon, Michael dad was teaching him how to shoot because he was a military man and he want Michael to also be a military man.Everytime he thought him how to shot Michael always fucked up and his father will get pissed. But fortunately the day Michael know how to shoot, he went out at midnight training himself then he heard people screaming. He rushed back to check what is going on, to his surprise zombies has take over their community.He got so scared and he saw his mother shouting through the window, he ran  to help her but one zombie wearing black bite his mother from the back his father has already turn then he ran and hid under parked car.**********************************While driving Michael sight a zombie wearing black shirt then he shouted "Stop the van  please, stop, I said stop!"Jane pull over with aggressive and said what the hell is wrong with you?! Micheal replied and said I have to do this.
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