Ms Wilson's Replacement

Ms Wilson's Replacement

By:  Glory Tina  Completed
Language: English
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"Remember the most important rule, don't get caught." *** I try to keep my expression neutral and give nothing away in my eyes, Eli is a smart man, smarter than he lets on and will know if something is different about me, "Everyone change, Eli, you definitely aren't the man you were when we first met, but the question is if the change is for the better or the worse." His hand reaches over the table and take mine in the gloves and though there is a barrier between our hands his touch is felt and the reaction sent to the rest of my body. "I love you, Anna and that's not going to change, but I have to admit that I like this side of you more. However, I am contented with whatever I get as long as I get to have you." These words are the words any woman wants to hear their man tell them and it is almost perfect to my ears... almost because I am not Anna...

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49 Chapters
1: Sorry, this is mine
**Hello lovely readers and welcome to Ms Wilson's Replacement, thanks for opening ❤️❤️❤️😘😘**I hope you enjoy the book as well as the little quotes I put at the beginning of every chapter. I'm so excited to write it. Please leave comments. Thank you. Glory T!na xoxo***"What irritated me most in that entire situation was the fact that I wasn’t feeling humiliated, or annoyed, or even fooled. Betrayal was what I felt, my heart broken not just by a guy I was in love with, but also by, as I once believed, a true friend." ~Danka V¶15th April, 2002. Moans after moans welcome me as I approach my apartment, and I roll my eyes as I sink my key into the door and open it. The loud moan accompanied by heavy grunt coming from my boyfriend makes me want to b
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2: It's not as good
"Shame, blame, disrespect, betrayal, and the withholding of affection damage the roots from which love grows. Love can only survive these injuries if they are acknowledged, healed and rare."Brené Brown¶I open the house hoping that there would be no one in the house today and that they won't be until I'm out. Ade doesn't work and hasn't bothered looking for one since he lost his last job, but he gambles a lot and any money he makes from gambling, he keeps it so he can gamble away the next day.Today is Tuesday and hopefully, he is at the betting bar, probably drunk already.Why the hell am I wasting my time thinking about him?I enter into the kitchen and pick the things that belong to me there— which is everything. I brin
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3: Why so rude?
"It is a wise thing to be polite; consequently, it is a stupid thing to be rude. To make enemies by unnecessary and wilful incivility is just as insane a proceeding as to set your house on fire. For politeness is like a counter--an avowedly false coin, with which it is foolish to be stingy.~Arthur Schopenhauer†Six months later“Are you even listening to me?” demands an angry voice and I snap out of my daydreaming and see a middle-aged woman looking— more like glaring at me.Although her screaming in my face was the very reason I zoned out, I try to recover myself and be polite. “I am sorry ma’am,” I say and her pink whipped face becomes a red one.I glance down and I see a doll on the counter before me. Yes, she was saying something about the doll. Was it malfunctioning or is she having a change of heart ab
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4: Karma is an asshole
"Not only is there often a right and wrong, but what goes around does come around. Karma exists."~Donald Van de Mark¶My eyes are wide my mouth is ajar, gasping for air. The jogging took my breath away, but the lady in my room whoever she is has just knocked the air out.Startled and confused I place my hand on my chest trying to calm my racing heart and a million question flies through my head in that very moment.Like how she got to my room? Because there is only one key to my apartment and I have it with me.Why she looks exactly like me?What the hell she wants?And how the hell did I not see her when I walked in?She looks like me and though her hair is in a treated and slightly curled blonde hair with fringe. Her eyes are light brown with close-set eye shape while mine are dark brown w
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5: Let me introduce myself
"People with weaknesses get killed by the people who lack them. Notice I'm not dead."Sherrilyn Kenyon"Quynn Hudson, I am Anna Wilson, I am Eli Wilson's fiancée and in five weeks I will be his wife," she says the Wilson name with much emphasis on the Wilson as if it was supposed to mean something to me.Wilson; does that name sound familiar? I wonder to myself before coming up short. No, it doesn't. Well, is it supposed to? Also no.At least the stranger finally put a name to herself, I've been calling her Lucifer's younger sister since I saw her more than half an hour ago.She then takes the next hour briefly introducing herself, Family, background, work and things I didn't find interesting to know.She's not my lost twin because according to everything she just said, she knows her birth parents and they are still alive the last time she
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6: Negotiating with the devil
"Note to the wise: whenever someone insists that he wants to buy something from you, but tells you there’s no real value in it yet, two things are happening: he’s lying, and you’re being taken."~Michael A. StackpoleThe doorbell rings and I groan and get up from the couch where I'd fallen asleep in last night after Luke left. My head is pounding just like it did last night when Luke came to visit. After falling asleep last night, I woke up to remind myself that Ade was dead and I was responsible for it. I wanted Ade to die, for what he did to me, but that was just because of the anger I felt in that moment and really didn't want that. But as much as I tried to push it off, I couldn't, I was guilty and yet unable to do anything, but wallow in my pain and grief of my reality and that kept me up for another four hours before I finally slept.I need painkillers more than ever.

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7: Bless your heart
"There is a price to pay for speaking the truth. There is a bigger price for living a lie."~Cornel WestTen hours laterI open the door of my bedroom and throw myself onto the head burying my face as far into the pillow as I possibly can. Anna took me to one of her beautiful resident the penthouse which she acquired not very long ago which had lots of room and space where she and I were the only ones present. I thought my legs were going to give up on me after the intense seven hours training I took on how to walk on heels, a characteristic that Anna told me she is most famous for. I also got taught the gestures and the manner of approaches which Anna uses from her greetings to her casual commentary and flirts with Eli, all the while walking around in a four-inch heel. There were small breaks in-between the training and we ate the food Anna had brought along. She sa
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8: To be the perfect Ms Wilson
"When I turn the lights out, when I close my eyes, reality overcomes me, I'm living a lie."~Avril LavigneFour days later"By now I hope you've known the faces of all those in the file I brought because you will be associated with them these three weeks you will be replacing me. Since there are the weeks before my wedding, there are a few people you need to know because they are important, others you can just excuse yourself by blaming it on the stress of running around and making preparation for the wedding." when she finishes, she's already down the stairs and walking towards me.Anna hasn't always been present during my training in the last few days, some days I had to follow videos tapes which she made talking about fashion, work and her life and also handwritten instructions, but I persisted in learning, not for her, but myself because that's all I'
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9: Good night Eli
"What's the whole point of being pretty on the outside when you’re so ugly on the inside?"Jess C. ScottI stand staring off into space for a long while that I don't hear the car honking beside me."Ms Wilson! Ms Wilson!!" a deep voice calls out from beside me and I begin to wonder how my life is going to be in the next three weeks as Ms Wilson. Oh, Ms Wilson..., that's me.I snap out of my thought and quickly turn to see the driver standing beside the car and looking at me. He gets down from the car and comes over to the back seat and opens it, waiting for me to come and enter into the car.This is Gabriel, this is the driver that takes Eli everywhere and occasionally drives Anna. I saw his picture amongst the pictures Anna brought over a week ago and after memorising his face for more than a hundred times, I can identify that dark-skinned, mi
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10: Trouble for Quynn
THERE WAS A MIX UP IN CHAPTER 10 AND 8, I HAVE FIXED IT, BUT THE ONLY WAY TO SEE IT IS TO REMOVE THIS BOOK AND ADD BACK INTO YOUR LIBRARY."Always sleep with one eye open. Never take anything for granted. Your best friends might just be your enemies."~Sara ShepardTwo days later...Since the first night of my return, I haven't seen any trace of Eli and I should be happy right? But I'm not instead I am terrified!Anna told me how Eli work was 24/7 and sometimes slept at the office which I understood before everything started, but a part of me wonders if he's away because he sensed something was different with me- the Anna he met that night. I can't shake off the thought and it has been giving me a hard time and barely making me think straight and my panic is almost every hour. I remember him pausing after
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