Sinful Indulgence

Sinful Indulgence

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Sitting in front of my OB-Gyne, I clasped my trembling hands and put them on my lap. She just had a thorough examination on me, and I got scared of what might be the result. I knew there was something wrong with me, but I couldn't point it out. “I have not seen any problem in you except that…” I looked into her eyes, my heart skipping beats. “You might be frigid.” "No," I screamed in my mind. I even love sex. My thoughts then went to that night where I had a sinful indulgence with the man in my dreams. Everything changes after that, including my ideals in life. But that man isn’t my husband now, but my boss.

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47 chapters
Chapter 1
“Jellyfish, help!” I screamed from the top of my lungs as a soft and slimy thing brushed against my legs. Wriggling my body and kicking my leg to shake it off, I could only watch in horror as the gelatinous, invertebrate animal floated away from me. I had heard how dangerous some of them could be and that their stings could be excruciating. Some of its species are even lethal. “Anybody who can get a vinegar?” a voice rang in my head before a pair of strong arms lifted me from the water. I got stunned when I saw that it was Mr. Kim. Just a while ago, I took a plunge under the water after a strange emotion overwhelmed me. Mr. Kim Mori, the man in my dreams, just punished me with a glass of wine after losing a game. It was a swimming competition under the moonlit night where I lost consecutively for three rounds. Who could ever win under his gaze? I even felt like dying in thrill and excitement every time he looked at me. I knew I had
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Chapter 2
Kim Yuan Microelectronics, Philippines. I stared at the bold letters printed on the white banner that hung above White Sand Beach Resort's main entrance. Its pastel-blue shade turned into neon glows as it reflected the bright sunlight under the noontime sky. I was almost tempted to squeal when that company name reminded me of what happened last night. And I wondered if Mr. Kim had remembered it. I knew women could be at his beck and call, and that experience may mean nothing to him. I expected him to forget about it the moment he would wake up in the morning. I met Mr. Kim Mori one time when I went to his company to see Ara. He just passed by and didn't notice me, but that first glimpse of him created in me a lasting impression. After that, whenever I saw him, especially when in his signature business suit, I always found myself imagining him. The stunning looks that drew everyone's eyes to him, his imposing aura that commands respect and admiration, and the ele
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Chapter 3
After A Few Months   "I, your officiating minister, now pronounce you as husband and wife." The four walls of the church vibrated when the loud round of applause erupted from the crowd. Some of them squealed and laughed while my closest family members cried for joy. I smiled and ran my eyes through all of them. I knew that those who knew me very well were very happy for me. Who would ever think that I would still get married at the age of 30? "You may now kiss the bride," the voice of the minister cut through my reverie, and suddenly, I got nervous. I already asked the minister to make his sermon a solemn one--no jokes or teasing as much as possible. Yet, I had forgotten to ask him ahead to skip this part. I didn't want my family and friends to see me kissing a man, even if he was already my husband. No, don't get me wrong. It's not that I didn't like kissing, but I grew up in an extremely conservative fa
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Chapter 4
I woke up with an arm around me. Sleeping the whole night cuddled in his arm was a wonderful feeling. It was something I would have wanted to do earlier, now that I know how it felt. I grew up doing the upright way my parents set for us, and that included the limitations I should keep as a woman. Touches between sweethearts should not go beyond hand-holding, though it was difficult to keep in my case. Though I had a strong conviction against pre-marital sex and that my husband and I had kept the rule, we still defied light intimacies like kissing and hugging. I was still in my thoughts about those rules when I felt him moving. Seeing that I was already awake, he pulled me closer and kissed the top of my head. I thought he was ready to devour me since he had already regained his energy. I waited and closed my eyes, and to my surprise, I heard him snoring again. A beep on my phone diverted my thoughts from him. I grabbed it from the bedside table, and when I saw the ca
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Chapter 5
A week had passed since our wedding night, and still, our intimacies stayed like that. We did not go beyond making out and heavy petting, and I could not understand why. Every time I felt we were about to do it, he would stop and dress me up. I justified his behavior as an act of thoughtfulness and consideration. Perhaps, he did not want me to get scared. He knew about my upbringing, and he probably decided that we should not hurry things out. We would have the whole lifetime to do it, anyway. One afternoon, as I was arranging our things into our new matrimonial house, my phone vibrated. I put down the set of figurines and picked up my phone. It was a text message from Ara, my best friend. "Yen, can you please come over? I want to introduce you to my friend from Japan." Since her house was only a few blocks away, I agreed. In less than a few minutes, I already saw Ara's wide and teasing smile. However, she did not have the time to mock me. "Come, hurr
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Chapter 6
My husband was not successful in his entry. It was so painful that I felt I would bleed to death if he forced me. I had broken into stages of orgasm during the foreplay, but all the pleasure disappeared when his head hit my entrance. I was trembling and sweating, and suddenly I didn't want him to touch me."It's excruciating at first," he said, "but most of the women say that an extreme pleasure will follow.""I know, but I can't take it," I protested; I didn't even believe the sense of pleasure would happen after a few days, not until my wound would heal."Okay, we will try again next time," he said, and I hugged him tightly, moved by his thoughtfulness.My thoughts then drifted to an incident in the past when two college lovers rushed into the hospital where I worked as the head accountant. I was in the admitting office when the in-charge interviewed the boyfriend who processed their admission."Sir, can I have my downpayment later? We were in a
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Chapter 7
Four months had passed. I attended a Marriage Encounter Seminar, and I was their resource speaker for the women on behalf of my husband. He had another speaking engagement as a motivational speaker, so I came to his rescue. The conflict was not Zed's fault, but the company for changing the schedule at the eleventh hour. We were both relieved that the organizer agreed on the alternative plan, only to learn later that the event was for Kim Yuan Microelectronic's another teambuilding activity.This was what Mr. Kim talked about when we were at the resort. I was glad that he still remembered it. However, the organizer arranged the schedule directly with Zed and not through me. Perhaps, he was avoiding me.Zed specialized in personal development training, highlighting the importance of changing one's mindset towards a better lifestyle and higher financial standing. He got lots of appointments, especially from companies that promoted team-building and companies speciali
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Chapter 8
It felt like my bottom was antsy that I couldn't stay in a single position a minute. I got so nervous about having to spread my legs in front of a doctor. I never considered my still being a virgin a problem until Ara made it appear grave in front of her friend. Mitch turned out to be not just a doctor but a specialist in the fields of  Obstetrics and Gynecology. Mitch was ten years Ara's senior, but they were close friends in their provincial hometown."Ma'am Yen Ramos, please follow me," Dr. Mitch's secretary called out from the doorway of another room. I was in a sitting room of her clinic, and on the wall across from me were closed doors leading to inspection rooms.Once I was inside the room, she led me to a hydraulic OB Delivery Table. Just seeing the leg holder where I had to place each of my legs in a widespread position made me nervous.I found it hard to imagine that someone else, other than my husband,  would look at my genitals in full view
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Chapter 9
My eyes widened in shock. "Edible panties? Is there something like that? And how is it related to my problem?"Ara giggled harder at my innocence that she almost rolled to the floor. I was in her place because I couldn't afford to talk about being frigid in the house. Zed was there, and I didn't want to disappoint him with the news.Am I really frigid? Why do I get turned on quickly? The only problem was my fear every time the huge head of my husband's cock banged into my tight orifice."My gracious lady, close your eyes," Ara said as she pushed me to the couch that had my back leaning on the cushiony backrest."Imagine yourself wearing edible panties. You spread your leg wide, then let Zed lick and suck the candy crotch while his hands are kneading your tits. After that candy crotch dissolves in his mouth, can you imagine what part he would lick and suck next?"I slapped my head and slumped on the couch, rolling my eyes. "Why should it be tha
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Chapter 10
Zed froze for a while as he realized what I was doing. Probably, it never occurred to him that I could do this. He had known me for seven years, and every time we kissed before the marriage, I was always on guard. All I wanted was to uphold our belief that we should only do sex within the marriage bond. And that it would be the priceless gift we would give ourselves during our first wedding night.He gazed at my chocolate-covered cunt for a while, torturing me with the wait. The moment his hands held my knees and spread my thighs apart, I closed my eyes. Soon, the delay that seemed like an eternity ended. I then felt his tongue licking the chocolate cream in a slow but sensual way.I trembled in pleasure and excitement as I felt the chocolate layer thinned out. I giggled as I got tickled, my fingers grasping Zed's hair.In a few moments, I could already feel the direct touch of his tongue on my labia. My toes curled, wanting him to probe deeper. I moan
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