From The Woods

From The Woods

By:  Alexandria  Ongoing
Language: English
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It’s all she can do to get the voices in her head to keep quiet, they seem to be more these days, asking her to go back home, but where is home, Kira isn’t really sure after her mom left her at the church gates at the age of 12. Home before that was the forest but which one it is, she wasn’t sure after all these years now. But her voices that have been with her since she left want her to set them free and God help her, she will stop at nothing to set those tormented voices free.

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4 chapters
It would have been a different case all together if they had tried to speak less, or maybe just a little bit lower in volume, but they didn’t .Maybe, it would have made it a bit more tasking to eavesdrop if they had considered that someone would probably be listening. Maybe they just didn’t care if anyone heard them, they seemed like they were happy enough and without a single care in the world as to who or what heard them converse. Yet Kira knew that that wasn’t the case. Even as loud and as care free as they seemed, when ever she had to make a sudden movement, either caused by the car jerking to a halt, in response to its contact with a  poorly maintained part of the road or the need by some part of her body for a bit of attentive stretches, they would instantly stop talking, wait for a few seconds, only to resume after some moments as if to say they were just making sure the coast is clear for them to continue their discussion.Kira couldn’t even see the two gir
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She wasn’t sure how many voices she was able to hear now at the age of twenty four, but all she knew was she had to learn to hide it really well. She had to be able to ignore them good enough less she would be called possessed or crazy. She had gone too far now to be called these things again. Those days had to be long gone and forever in the past.It was during her first days at the orphanage that she knew she had to be smart about all her dealings. Before then she had lived happily with just her mum, far away from prying eyes and judgemental stares. It wasn’t until one night that her mum had explained that she had to leave  where she had come to know as home, that she realized that there was really more to life than what she had grown up thinking. It wasn’t like she was a curious kid while growing up, she simply managed to live a content life out in the woods, where the only thing that ever matter was her mum and her friends and
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These days she has risen above those moments of helplessness and for her there was no going back. She still goes back to the orphanage from time to time just to see Sr Geraldine. The fair woman had become more like mother figure to her, from the very instant she set her eyes on her. She was the only person who never treated any different from the rest of the kids, even though must more ill tempered than any other kid that was around.Kira knew that Sr G as she fondly called her had always nursed a secret fantasy that she kira would one day join the convent, but she never for once forced her to. Even after the years went by, and almost all the kids in her orphanage class had either ended up adopted, or with scholarships to further their education, while kira was left without a bright prospect to carry on with, yet Sr. G never forced her.Instead, she had encouraged kira to find a passion that she was skillful enough at, to make a living from. Under Sr G’s watchful
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CHAPTER THREE:Today was the day that was supposed to start like any other day, and so far fro Kira, apart from the little commercial break of the input love story on the bus, it the day seemed to be totally comfortable roaming through the territory of normalcy.The boy was singing again, but with was totally part of the routine now. She was singing away about something about the dead of a clan or maybe something of that nature, but Kira wasn’t going to pay close attention to the lyrics.Those were part of the rules. The one she made all these years for herself in order to protect her sanity and possibly what was left of her reputation.For the most part, the later didn’t seem to work because as usual bad things tend to take a lot of time before the go away but at least she learnt control, something that was very essential for the success of her existence.The rule was always simple on the surface, but very much complicated than the surface value. The idea w
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