The Beautiful Moment I Spent With You.

The Beautiful Moment I Spent With You.

By:  KG16  Ongoing
Language: English
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Krystal is a simple average school going girl who is hated by everyone other than her 2 friends. She meets a cold rude rich guy Richard who is devoid of cares and love .They first meet as desk mate and they begin to help each other in various circumstances and they ultimately fall in love. As they were falling for each other, Richard's childhood friend also falls for her without knowing that Richard was also falling for her. He openly confesses his feelings for her while Richard hides his feelings. Where will their relationship take them to???

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Nice story author, ............ Is it Rom-Com? If it is, then nice......
2023-03-17 23:47:36
29 Chapters
The Encounter.
Hum.....the sound of breathing while running heavily. "Ahhh!!! Am gonna be late. Why did I have to wake up late today." Krystal spoke to herself while running on her way to school.When she arrived at her school she sighed and said, "Wow!!! Am safe. At least am not late for school.""Krystal!!!!!" called aloud from the side, by Suzy and Mina."Yes!! Besties." Krystal replied waving her hand and went towards them and they entered the class together as usual.As they were about to start their class, two new transferred students entered the class with a cool and a dangerous vibe making all the girls fall for them.Every girls started to make them their own ideal types  and the two transferred students were Richard and his friend, Samuel.As they entered the class, the teacher introduced them and gave them their respective seats and the interesting thing was that the seat near Krystal was empty, so the teacher made Richard sit next to Kryst
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None Of Your Business.
"Ting....." the school bell rang for the classes to begin. Krystal was seated at her seat when Mina and Suzy approached before the teacher entered the class to her asking whether she liked Richard . Krystal quickly kicked off the question by answering that she had someone she liked. They both were amazed at her answer and exclaimed "What!!!!"Why didn't you share with us earlier?????" Then Krystal replied, "Can you get a grip out of it? The one I like is my one and only chocolate ice-cream. Didn't you know? Who will like that new transferred student who made my life more harder by giving me just a glance." "Ah! So you don't like him?" asked Mina. We thought that you were also among those  girls who liked him like us. Me along with Suzy searched his information the whole night and it says that he is the heir to a wealthy company of "Leysen" that famous branded jewellery company." Can you believe that he is sitting next to you???" as
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More Trouble But It Feels Nice.
Morning came , Richard woke up and found Krystal's bag in his arm and before Krystal woke up , he returned the bag to Krystal by putting it in her arms and he went back to the corner where he slept the previous night.As the peon came to unlock the classroom, he was so surprised to see them together that he shouted aloud "WHAT!!!!!"which awoke Krystal .Some early students who came  along with the peon to give Richard surprise gifts also saw them being together and started to spread the news to all that they spent the night together and a lot of students began to get a lot of different ideas.Krystal after she woke up she directly went to the ladies washroom to wash her face and after she washed her face she went inside the toilet.While she was in the toilet some girls came to the washroom and talked to each other as they were washing their hands and they started to backbite about Krystal saying " Have you heard of the shocking news that Krystal and
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His Birthday.....
Morning came and the sun rose high up in the sky when suddenly Krystal's alarm was buzzing near her bed. At the sound of it she woke up, arranged her bed and she washed herself up and went to the dining table to have breakfast .Things were going on smoothly and slowly. As that day was a Saturday, the school remained closed. After she finished her breakfast she got herself ready to visit Mina's mom.It was 11:00 a.m as she moved out of her house and due to the traffic she reached the hospital late and as soon as she reached the hospital she went directly to the ward where Mina's mom was kept.She entered the room and gifted Mina's mom with a  basket of fruits and wished her speedy recovery. After she had presented her the fruits she chatted with her friends. Time passed swiftly as they chit chatted and it was already 3:00 p.m when Krystal checked the time on her watch .She recalled that she had some work at home so she wished them goodnight and told
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Why do I meet you daily????
Sunday morning came and the sun rose high up in the sky, when Krystal's alarm rang so hard that it woke her up.She got up and followed the daily normal routine of hers and after she finished breakfast, she went out of her house to throw the rubbish and the garbage.Right after she opened the gate of her house to throw the garbage, she saw Richard coming out from the house opposite to hers for throwing the garbage too.She was so surprised that she unknowingly spoke out, "Oh!!!"Then at this Richard looked at her and he asked her coldly, " Why don't you wish me good morning instead of giving a surprised reaction if you saw me? Do you find something surprising in me??"Then to this Krystal replied, "Do you stay here?? I never noticed it...that's why I gave a surprise reaction hehe!!"Then Richard asked, "Why do you always ask silly and personal questions about me?? Are we that close that do you think I'll answer you every of your questions???
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Nuisance but it's nice....
Monday morning  the sun rose high up in the sky and Krystal got ready to go to school. As she stepped out of her  house after she had her breakfast, she found difficult to walk because of her injury she got from the previous day.As she was walking she found Richard cycling on the same road , behind her and asking her whether she needed a ride. At this she immediately rejected his help. Richard was cycling slowly beside her .As Krystal walked farther, she accidentally bumped into a stone in front of her , and so she felt more difficult to walk.At this Richard mockingly and rudely spoke to her, "See, you can't even walk properly and classes are gonna start in about 10 minutes. Do you need any help??"At this Krystal replied, "Then I owe you a debt again....please help me this not hitting on you but my current situation makes me to."So both of them went to school travelling in the same bicycle. But since they entered from the co
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A new rival in love???
As morning came, Richard hurried himself up and went to pick Krystal from her house since she had a leg injury. He went there as fast as he could and as soon as he reached there he saw Krystal coming out from her house.Krystal saw him and said, "Are you waiting for someone???"To this he replied, "Thought you would need help. If you don't need any help then stop," Krystal noticed that he really wanted to help her so she said, "Wait a moment," and she got on his bicycle. At this Richard felt happy and told her to hold on tight , then she held onto his shirt and they again went to school together, and entered the school through the side gate so no one saw them coming to school together.As they entered their class, the teacher entered the class and this time it was not only him but a new transferred student also came together with him. He was a handsome and a tall young man, and he was also rich. As soon as he entered , most of the girls fell for him while some d
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You're cute.....
Morning came and that day Richard did not come to pick Krystal up, so as soon as she stepped out of her house she felt an empty feeling, she felt that someone was going to pick her up but she realized that she had told Richard not to come to her again.So she slowly walked to the bus stop and she came to school through the bus. While she was on the bus she suddenly remembered the day she met Richard on the bus and thought to herself what was wrong with her from the moment she stepped out from the house.As she reached the school, she saw Richard and his friends coming to school by cycling and one of them was waving at her and as they came closer to her, it was Alex that was waving at her and he wished her, "Good morning my cutie" and patted her head.She surprisingly replied, "Huh!!!What do you mean by that???and why did you pat my hair ?"To this he said, "You're cute".As Alex said those words, Richard got so jealous that he gave Krystal a cold g
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Secret kiss?
As morning came, it was Wednesday and so they had to wear a red tie for their class uniform. But Krystal forgot to wear the red tie instead she wore a black tie because she woke up late and so was running late for school.As she entered the class, Richard noticed her uniform and gave her his tie and as soon as he put on his tie on her, before Krystal could reject him the teacher entered the class and inspected their uniforms as it was Wednesday, the teacher noticed that Richard's tie was missing and so he received disciplinary action of running 7 laps around the basketball ground, so before Krystal could defend him, he ran out immediately.After the inspection, they had normal classes but Krystal could not pay heed to the classes going on but she always tended to look outside the window, she couldn't help worrying about him.Soon after the classes got over she ran out to him and gave him water to drink and asked, "Why did you have to do those silly things??"
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Are you jealous??
Morning came and as Krystal woke up she found that she was not in her house.As she got up, she saw a picture of Richard and his friends when they were young. She looked at them and was laughing thoroughly because they all seemed very cute back then and all of a sudden she realized that she was in the room of Richard and she thought to herself that her parents would be worried about her and so she hurried herself up and ran down to be on her way to her house.As she came down running, she heard a voice which said, "Good Morning."To this she wondered who was speaking to her. Then all of a sudden Richard appeared before her and said, "Where are you running off to? Will you not take your belongings from the study room with you??"To this she replied, "Ah! I nearly forgot, thanks for reminding me"As she was trying to run off to the study room, a long hand blocked her and so she could not go forward and said, "What are you doing? You're blocking my wa
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