The Alpha's Golden-eyed Seer

The Alpha's Golden-eyed Seer

By:  jobless.dreamer  Completed
Language: English
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Fate tends to give you things that you don’t wish for. She has her cruel way of testing your tolerance, your faith and your strength. Summer Laurent wished to lead a normal life, as normal as a person with past trauma could lead, but bumping into Dorian King changes all that. Her past chases her and haunts her everywhere and soon she finds herself entangled in the world of the supernatural which was more horrifying than the human world.

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96 Chapters
1| No Way Back
Hitching the backpack tightly, Summer trod towards the bus stop. She turned back to make sure that she wasn’t being followed. She hoped that they were busy enough to not follow her. She was far away from the place where she had stayed for the last 20 years. She let out a shaky breath, her heart pounding in her chest, the side of her ribs and legs ached with exhaustion. She pulled the frayed hoodie tightly around herself, stuffing her hands into either pocket as the wind picked up. A street lamp just above the bus stop flickered occasionally. People hurried on their way back home, the weather turning colder as the night darkened. As the adrenaline started to wear off, she felt herself shiver. The last bus to Melham would arrive anytime now. Her breath came out in puffs. She reluctantly drew out her left hand from within the hoodie’s pocket and checked her watch. 5 more minutes. She rocked back and forth on the balls of her feet. The old sneakers did the least
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2| Meandering Through Life
“Thank you, please come again,” Summer smiled as she bade another customer goodbye. The curve of her lips straightened as soon as the door closed. She let out an inaudible sigh. It has been 2 weeks since she has started working at this bakery. The bakery had a steady flow of customers—some regular and some new. It had taken some time for her to get used to the regulars. She slowly learnt that regulars sometimes got a little extra just for being their regular patrons. Barbara stayed at the cashier and Liam, her husband, created magic in the kitchen.“Tired already?” Barbara asked as she brought in a fresh batch of cinnamon rolls. Summer pursed her lips and shook her head, concentrating on wiping the counters. Thankfully for her, the bakery was small, so there weren’t any tables for customers to sit and eat. She avoided socialising at all costs. The elderly lady had learnt about her nature very quickly. She was a friendly woman and mostly lef
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3| New Horizons
“Did you not sleep last night?” Barbara asked as soon as Summer entered. She felt sluggish and naturally irritated because, as much as she wanted to go back to sleep, she just couldn’t. And ended up thinking, or rather overthinking, about a person named Serena and the untamed wolf. Summer mumbled, “Not much.” She plucked the apron from the kitchen and tied it swiftly. “At least you could have covered it with some makeup,” the older woman grumbled as she carried batches of freshly baked cupcakes and cookies. Summer could have replied that she was in a hurry or she had forgotten, but she didn’t. In reality, she did not expect her to even notice that she had a sleepless night. No one did before. She mumbled an apology, but said nothing further.The day went on uneventfully. Once they had served the last customer, Summer flipped the board that had the ‘closed’ sign and pulled the blinds. As she unknotted her
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4| Recurring Dreams
She hissed slightly as the cold water cascaded down her body. Belatedly, she realised that she had absent-mindedly scrubbed on a healing wound on her left forearm a little too hard. The water made it sting. She stared at it as the water cascaded down her body, rinsing the suds and sluicing down the drain. The wound had turned an angry red. She brushed her thumb over it and hissed again. It mocked her, taking more time to heal than others had as if serving as an angry reminder of her life that she had left behind. However, unlike the past month today, the scars stared mockingly at her.Turning off the shower knob, she stepped out, shivering at the sudden change in temperature. The heater had been acting up for a few days now and finally took its last breath last night. She hurriedly dried herself and pulled on her work clothes — a pair of black trousers and a beige cotton blouse. Tying her damp hair into a bun, she tossed the damp towel in the laundry basket. Looking out
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5| The Silver-eyed Devil
Amber eyes clashed with a pair of silver, sharp and icy. She gasped, not at the cold-faced Adonis standing in front of her, but because of a sudden vision that flashed across her mind’s eye. Red eyes. The ones that she had seen a few weeks ago. Dorian looked at the employee with ill-concealed ire after the momentary daze that had convinced him that the girl was his mate. He glared at her. She was practically gawking at him, which annoyed him further. Who recruited her? He wondered. His wolf was another story. He was purring at the sight of his mate, the suppressants barely keeping him from taking over. He looked down at his now spoiled shirt. He’d have to go back and change again. “Watch your steps,” he gritted, continuing to glare at her. He glanced around. A sizeable crowd had gathered. His employees tried to be inconspicuous as they watched the scene unfold. No one dared to come close to him or offer him any help. Dorian didn&rsqu
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6| The Pretentious Family Dinner
“You have dinner with family at 7,” Kyle said as he flicked scrolled through the schedule in the tab. Dorian grunted. He scoffed internally as he thought about how his ‘family’ put up so much effort to meet each other once every week, but in reality, everyone wanted to kill the other, everyone especially wanted to kill him. As his eyes skimmed through the papers, that Kyle had brought for him to sign, he couldn’t help but chuckle. Oh, how they thought that appeasing him would help them be in his good books. “Alpha?” Kyle’s tentative call made him look up. His beta’s eyebrows had drawn together, maybe because he puzzled as to why he had suddenly huffed out a chuckle. Dorian plucked a silver pen, gifted by his grandfather from the pen stand and said, “I am just amused by this pretentious family dinner.” Kyle frowned but refrained from commenting on his view. Once alone in his office, Dorian&rsq
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7| Unforeseen Meetings
“How is work?” Clara asked primly, while gracefully twirling the noodles with the fork. The others subtly looked at them, he could feel it. Dorian stifled a sigh. He was utterly bored and they weren’t even halfway through the dinner. Among the family members, only his grandpa and Clara were the ones who made an effort to talk to him. Clara used to be his closest cousin and confidant, but somewhere along the journey of adulthood, they had drifted apart.  “Good,” he replied, not looking up from his plate. He just wanted to be out of this facade of a dinner. For the next few minutes, only the clinking of plates and glasses could be heard. Dorian sometimes wondered why they bothered to arrange this when no one wanted to talk with another, and they all walked on eggshells around him. It always irked him to see his father’s empty seat, left as a stark reminder of the past. Grandfather never let him forget it fo
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8| The Woman Who Called Her 'Daughter’
It was dark and gloomy. She could hear the rumbling thunder outside. She could smell the damp air, could hear the constant dripping of water from the leaking roof into the room where they were trapped. Why? She didn’t know. How? She didn’t know that either. “‘Don’t hurt my daughter...don’t...please. I will...I will tell you...I….” the faceless woman pleaded as she tried to drag her blood-soaked body back until her back hit the wall. She was cradled in her arms, unable to see who it was that addressed her as their daughter. Was she her biological mother? Possibly. She peeked a look at the man who stood not too far away from them. Was it a man? Or a dog? What species was it? It was always did. Its red glowing eyes made her shudder. And then…There was blood, dark and thick. She sat shivering in one corner of the room, trying to blend into the wall almost as she watched the c
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9| Attraction
Her eyes fluttered open to an unfamiliar room. She was familiar with this type of ceiling. She had been to this place countless times. And then everything came gushing back, making her sit up for the next moment. Red eyes….red eyes...her mind chanted and then the voice which had said her to beware of the red eyes…“Finally, you decide to grace the living world,” a timbre voice says from her right. Her gaze snapped towards its origin. Her eyes widened when she found that none other than her boss was lounging on the couch, staring at her, or rather scowling back at her. He was fully dressed in a suit now, thankfully. She swallowed nervously and averted her gaze. How on earth was she so unlucky? Just when she had thought that life was going to be mundane, she had multiple encounters with her all-too-unhappy boss and all in a span of
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10| Aversion
She heard a sharp intake of breath. She did not look up from the porcelain bowl. The white countertop made her feel dizzy before she resumed, “I don’t know much about my time at the orphanage but I can say one thing that I could live and breathe freely there. One day, I was adopted by the Whites, a childless couple who seemed to be lovable and cheerful in the beginning.” Her lips twisted slightly at the words ‘cheerful’ and ‘loveable’.  She pushed back the bowl slightly and glanced at Barbara who was staring back at her. Her face was an open book, painted with a plethora of emotions. “I was taken care of initially,” she said, furrowing her eyebrows and remembering the days when they actually cared for her like parents would for a child. “But then...things started getting worse,” she continued. Summer gripped the spoon tighter. “Financially they weren’t stable and bringing me into their li
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