Notes from the Moon

Notes from the Moon

By:  Rae  Ongoing
Language: English_tagalog
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Chanel Danica Suarez, a musically inclined fashion designer is living her dream. Everything she ever wanted is already on her reach. But despite having material things, she still felt emptiness inside especially, when she lost her mother. The piano became her companion which eased her longing and made her feel loved. But when she met Dior Louis Saavedra, the dullness that once filled her life became brighter. Could he be the missing note to her broken piece? Or would he be another reason for her to keep falling apart?

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12 chapters
 DISCLAIMER!This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.Warning: This book contains mature scenes, foul language, drugs, violence, and any of the like that are not suitable for young readers. Read at your own risk.No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without a written permission from the author. 

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  "Suarez, Chanel Danica M. Summa cum laude!"  I heard the cheers of the crowd as my mother and I went up the stage for me to receive my medal and diploma. The dean shook my hand and congratulated me.  "Congratulations, anak. I am so proud of you," my mom uttered, giving me a sweet smile.  "Thank you mommy. I love you so much." I gave her a tight hug and held her hand as I led her back to her seat. Sa wakas, after 4 years in Benilde, graduate na ako! I'll finally be able to fulfill my dreams and take on my mother's footsteps as a fashion designer and the future owner of House of Suarez.   I went back to my
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  "Dani, papasok ako ah." I heard Lili's voice outside. She knocked before entering and I can tell she was shocked with the state of my room. It was messy. There are tons of fabrics and used papers on the floor. Ilang araw na ring hindi natitiklop ang bedsheet ko. Punong-puno na yung trash bin ng mga junk food wrappers kaya hindi na ito nakasara.  "Here's your food." I saw Lili place the lunch Nay Fellie cooked on my desk. Kinuha na rin niya yung mga basurang nagkalat sa lapag. "Kung may kailangan ka, tawagan mo lang ako ah."  I didn't answer her and continued drawing on my sketchpad. Naramdaman ko na siyang lumabas ng kw
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  Today is Anais' big day. Nasa office muna ako ngayon to meet some clients bago ako pumunta ng Greenbelt to check on the newly built branch of Suarez Label and to buy a gift for Anais . Pagkagising ko kaninang umaga, bigla kong naalala na wala pa pala akong nabiling regalo para sa kaniya. Originally, the dress I made for her was my gift pero Anais insisted and paid for it dahil nga it was my first official project.  Nag-order muna ako ng lunch para sa mga employees before I went to the mall. I stopped by our branch first. The main colors of the store's interiors are rose gold, white, and black which I personally chose to give it a classic look. The store has two floors. Sa baba nakadisplay ang casual, office, and formal wear. Sa taas naman, ay andun ang aming mga ready to wear wedding dresses.  Af
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  Napabalikwas ako ng bangon sa kama ko nang maramdaman kong tumatama na ang sikat ng araw sa aking mukha. Tinignan ko ang orasan at agad akong napatakbo sa banyo para mag-ayos. Tangina, 11 am na. Bakit hindi nag-alarm phone ko? Bakit hindi ako ginising ni Nay Fellie? Pucha, hindi ako pwedeng ma-late ngayon! I have a meeting with a very important investor for Suarez Label and I can't let this pass.  I took a shower last night before sleeping so I'll just go home after the meeting to take a bath. I just wore a beige long sleeve blouse paired with black ankle pants and beige Givenchy leather pumps. I quickly tossed my phone, wallet, and make up inside my black Chanel sling bag. Nag lip and cheek tint nalang ako at nilugay ang aking buhok. Read more
  "Aray naman, Anais! Gago ka ba?!" sigaw ni Kai habang pinapalo siya ni Anais pagpasok namin ng unit niya.  "Can't we not celebrate? Malapit na magkajowa tong friend natin dito!" tanong ni Anais habang dumiretso sa kusina para kumuha ng maiinom.  "Pwede naman pero wala man lang bang 'hi hello' diyan? Pwedeng mangamusta muna? Pwedeng magpaalam rin bago kumuha ng kung ano ano sa ref? Condo mo toh ha? Condo mo?" pang-aasar ni Kai kay Anais.  At ayan nanaman, nagsimula na ulit ang bangayan. Pag itong dalawa talaga ay nagsama, kakailanganin mo ng ear plugs. Halos magsigawan na sila pag nag-aasaran. Hindi man lang mahiya sa mga kapitbahay. Di pa naman ata soundproof dito. They actually also have a love-hate relationship with each other kay
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  Monday nanaman at andito na ako sa atelier. Today's a busy day because House of Suarez opened its doors for new designer interns. The dean from Benilde contacted me the other day and asked if I could accommodate some of their 4th year BA Fashion Design and Merchandising students for an internship in my atelier. I immediately approved because  of course, it was my alma mater and this will be another milestone for our brand. And who knows? Baka gusto rin magtrabaho ng mga interns dito after they graduate. Since House of Suarez's reach has been expanding, I decided I will create my own design team to lessen my workload and to help me curate new eye-catching pieces.  "Ma'am, andito na po yung mga interns." "Ok, Faye. I'll be out in a minute."Read more
    "Ang tagal naman ng boyfriend mo! It's so hot na here!" reklamo ni Anais kay Lili.    Nandito kami ngayon nila Anais at Lili sa tapat ng arch ng UST habang hinihintay lumabas si Blaze. Mga limang minuto palang kaming andito pero panay reklamo na ni Anais. Palubog na nga ang araw eh init na init parin.    "First of all, di ko pa siya jowa. Second, kakarating lang natin dito, natatagalan ka na. Third, tanggalin mo yang jacket mo para di ka mainitan,” sumbat ni Lili. Parang mas matanda itong attitude ni Lili kesa kay Anais. Yung pagka-seryoso niya sa studies niya nadadala niya sa amin. Si Anais naman ang childish minsan.    "Ang hater mo!" Anais said while crossing her arms and pouting her mouth.    <
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  "Ilang views na?" tanong ni Anais sakin. Nakadapa siya sa massage table habang ako naman ay nagpapalinis ng kuko. Andito kami ngayon sa spa. The charity ball is tomorrow so we're making this day our relaxation and pamper day. "Yo...100 freaking k views!” sigaw ko sa kaniya.  Napabalikwas siya ng bangon. Halos matamaan na niya yung masahista. "HOLY SHIT! IS THAT FOR REAL?" she asked, amused. "Yes, it is! Grabe ahh last month ka lang nag start ng youtube pero trending ka na agad. You should really thank me,” I said while picking out a design for my acrylic nails.  "Oo na, thank you. Well, if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't be able t
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    "Miss, may stock pa po ba kayo nito?" tanong ko sa sales lady. Andito ako ngayon sa SM Aura dahil naghahabol akong mamili ng mga ireregalo ko sa mga kaibigan ko. I haven't found time to buy gifts because of my hectic schedule so I reserved this day for shopping. Magkakaroon kasi kaming magkakaibigan ng Christmas party sa bahay ko this weekend at mukhang balak pa nilang mag overnight doon. Most of them will spend the holidays with their family so we planned this party five days before Christmas. Anais will go to Paris while Dee will go to the US. In my case, I'll be saving money first before I go on a trip.    I just bought Lili a new backpack from Anello. Worn out na rin kasi ang kaniyang bag na matagal na niyang ginagamit dahil puno ito palagi ng mga makakapal na libro.    "Ito po ma'am,” inab
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