Fated To The Alpha Series

Fated To The Alpha Series

By:  Jessicahall  Completed
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Katya, the Beta's daughter and the daughter of an infamous warrior mother, had high expectations for her life. When she doesn't meet those expectations, her pack shuns her, forcing her and her family from the pack and forcing them to give up their titles. On a lie her mother told, they are forced to seek refuge in the only pack that would take them in or go Rogue. When Katya meets the notorious Alpha Ezra, will he find out about her shameful secret? What will happen when she finds out her new Alpha has a secret of his own, that she is his mate? Darkness looms when her old pack discovers they went to a rival Pack. What will happen when the Alpha realizes she has no wolf? Will he hand her back to the man that banished her or fight to the death to keep her?

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289 Chapters
Chapter 1
Katya POV Another day in this shit hole of a school, I was in my last year of high school, and I was glad this part of my life was nearly over. Soon I would not have to put up with the constant torment of being the freak of the Pack. Only three more months of school, and I would be free, free to choose never to see these arseholes again.   My father was the Beta of the Pack; he was a highly regarded pack member. So, imagine his disappointment when he discovered I had no wolf. I was the freak of the Pack, the wolf-less girl. Our school was a Pack school with only werewolves, no humans allowed. So, you could imagine what sort of hell it has been for me here. I was basically human, shamefully so.   My parents are the best, though; my Pack may shun me but not once have they even entertained the idea, always telling me I was a late bloomer and that my wolf would come one day. I used to believe that story, too, un
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Chapter 2
Both looked at me sniffing the air, and I knew they were werewolves and high-ranking ones.   "Alpha Ezra requests your presence at the packhouse immediately," the man with dark hair that was shaved on the sides says.   He appeared to be in his early twenties, and by the authority oozing off him. I could tell he was a Beta. His eyes darted to me for a few seconds, and he looked me up and down. A strange look on his face. Was he angry? I couldn't tell, but whatever the look was on his face, he masked it quickly.   "This is your daughter?" He asked, not even trying to hide his dislike as he spoke; I guess I saw anger then.   "Yes, this is my daughter Katya, and I am Derrick," my father says before holding out his hand.   "I didn't catch your name," my father says, drawing the man's attention away from me. The man grasps his hand, giving it a quick shake.   "Beta
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Chapter 3
"You can sit," he says, nodding toward the chair beside me. I stared at it before sitting on the edge and looking back toward the door where my parents were waiting.   Turning back to face the Alpha, I find him watching me again. "Your name is Katya?" He says pronouncing it correctly; most people don't the first time.   "Yes, Alpha,"   "You can call me Ezra," he says quickly, and I nod.   "How old are you?"   "Seventeen," I tell him, and he nods before looking at some documents, which I see are my mother's and father's paperwork, along with my birth certificate. He picks it up, looking at it.   "You turn eighteen soon? You will be able to find your mate. That's exciting," he states, his eyes flicking back to me. I say nothing. No one will want me; I was basically human with the added difference of heightened senses.   "You go to school; I
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Chapter 4
The next day, Beta Mateo awoke us early in the morning. Hopping in our car, we followed him, and he drove us to the outskirts of the small town we were now going to live in. The house was more of a cottage and had a wide veranda out the front and a gravel driveway.   The house was lovely and cozy, nestled amongst the trees and away from the Pack and town. Hopping out of the car, I make my way inside, along with my father. Beta Mateo unlocked the green wooden door before handing the keys to my father.   "Are you sure you want to live out here? There are plenty of empty places in town that may be better suited for your needs?" He asks.   "No, this is perfect, thank you, Beta," my father replies.   "We are of the same rank, and honestly, you have been doing this a lot longer than I have. You could probably show me a thing or two. Just call me Mateo, and welcome to the Pack," he tells my father before pa
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Chapter 5
"Does the Alpha help with training?" I ask Jasmine.   "Yeah, he comes every day to help train us if he isn't in meetings. Training is compulsory no matter age and gender; also, the school is short-staffed at the moment," I watch as Angie, the girl Jasmine told me to avoid, runs across the field towards the Alpha, clinging onto him like a leech.   "Yeah, Angie has a thing for the Alpha. Seems to think he will choose her as his mate," Jasmine says, and I nod. For some reason, seeing her cling on to him annoyed me a little, but I shoved it aside. I didn't want any trouble with her, especially if she is as bad as Jasmine claims she is.   "How old is the Alpha?" I ask. He looked pretty young compared to my last Alpha, who was in his fifties.   "twenty five, he is a good Alpha, strict but fair. A lot better than his father, who was a complete asshole."   "So he took over the pack when
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Chapter 6
By the time I finally finished, my face was bright red, and my breathing was coming in short pants as I collapsed on my back on the grass beside my mother. She looks down at me.   "Just remember, Kat. I am doing this for your own good. I go easy on you; the rest of the kids will be hard on you. Also, I couldn't exactly let you talk to me like that and get away with it, especially in front of other students; you need to work with me here," I try to catch my breath, raising my arms over my head, feeling like I was going to have a heart attack.   "But I did nothing; he approached me, not the other way around," I whine, everything hurting.   "Doesn't matter next time; watch your tone," my mother says before stalking off.   "Shirley, can I speak with you please," Alpha Ezra says, making me turn my head to the side to see him walking over to her.   "Of course, Alpha," my mother says. A
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Chapter 7
I stayed in my room all night. My parents' judging eyes were too much to handle, so I went to bed early. Getting up the following day to my mother screaming for me to hurry. I quickly raced around, getting dressed and racing to the bathroom to brush my teeth.   "Did you sleep through your alarm?" My mother asks as I race toward the front door, her keys in hand, where she was waiting. She passes me an apple, and I take it, biting into it as I follow her out to the car.   My mother gave me one of her lectures about coasting through the middle and not drawing attention to myself and Yadda Yadda the entire drive to school. I tuned her out, mostly adding occasional nods and hmm noises, so she thought I was listening. When I get to school, I find Jasmine waiting for me.   "Hey, Kit kat," she says, waving to me.   "Kit kat, really?" I ask at the nickname she has given me.   "Yes, I like
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Chapter 8
Alpha Ezra POV   I watched my mate leave, completely unaware I was her mate. I knew her family was hiding something, something I was eager to find out. If she wasn't my mate, I might have reconsidered letting them into the pack. Something was amiss; they left the second strongest pack. A pack, her parents built a life with. When I got the request, I was a little shocked but also blinded by the fact I could take them from Jackson. Our feud goes back generations, so given the opportunity, I took it.   Derrick was well respected, and so was his mate Shirley, yet I never heard they had a child, and it made me curious why she was kept a secret. I could smell her strength, her genes strong, but something was off with her, too, despite her potent scent.   "She is your mate, isn't she?" My Beta, Mateo asks. He was my best friend since we were old enough to walk, always stuck by me and I, him.  
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Chapter 9
Katya POV   Walking to training, I was suddenly jerked into the locker rooms as I passed them.   A gasp of fright left my lips, not expecting to be grabbed. Spinning around, I come face to face with my mother.   "Geez, you scared the crap out of me," I chuckle. But she was staring down at me with a stern face I didn't like.   "Where have you been?"   "Detention, where else?"   "I looked for you. You weren't in detention with Angie."   "No, they placed me in the Alpha's office."   "What, why?"   "Because that is where he told me to go."   "Don't use that tone with me, young lady; now listen, today is wolf training."   "Okay, I will tell them I am sick," I tell her, but she shakes her head. I watch, horrified, as she pulls something
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Chapter 10
Alpha Ezra POV   I watched as the Doc gave her some injections and hooked an IV up to her. My blood is boiling, trying to figure out how she got wolfsbane in her system.   "Get out!" I tell everyone but the doctor. Her mother remains, tears rolling down her face as she looks at her unconscious daughter.   "I said get out!" Shirley looks at me, startled.   "She is my daughter; you can't tell me to leave her."   "Until I find out how she ingested wolfsbane, no one goes near her," I tell her, but Shirley doesn't budge.   "Get the fuck out of this room now!" I yell at her, forcing my Alpha Aura over her. She whimpers, turning her neck in submission before rushing out quickly, the door banging loudly as it swung closed.   I sit on the side of her bed, Doc frantically trying to hook a fluid bag up to her, his hands shaking nervously, and I drop
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