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All her life Allen know one thing, it doesn't matter how much she try but she will never going to have a control her own life because the day she born her fate is already decided. To be a wife of future Don. Ray Adom, Allen's future husband who is Possessive and controlling, who basically control her every step.

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9 Chapters
Allen is staring towards the beautiful sky and she feel so happy when  she see how some creatures enjoying their freedom. They are free to go anywhere, they are free to do anything they want, they are so lucky. They are enjoying the nature and their life.If you ask others they say these animal's and birds don't have anything but according to Allen they have everything which she can only dream. According to Allen humans are actually jelous to these small creatures beacuse they enjoy their life without any worry like humans who have only worry in their life.As for Allen ,if she tell about herself then she is not that lucky actually she is not   lucky at all, according to her, she is one of the most unlucky among all the human.If you aks why? Then it's simple, she never feel what freedom is?What actual happiness is?What actual love is?Beacuse she never feels freedom, happiness and love.She neve
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Allen POV:- Everyone say If you have money and beauty you can have everything and anything, you can  have everything what you desire. And what every girl desire, well gold, demand and luxury life. I heard when my housemaid talk about desire of having everything which they see, shope every cloths which they like, have all luxury makeup. Basically it's every women dream to live their life as a Queen. Beacuse according to them Queen can have everything which a normal girl only can desire and dream. But  if you ask me then I don't think as same as them, maybe it's because I have everything and I don't find this much importance as they they, for me if you have money and beauty you can  actually have everything like gold, Diamond, luxury cloth and makeup  but you have to pay a big cost for it. Yes you can't have all those things for free can you? You have to pay and
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Ray POV:-I have everything's in this world which a  man can only dream and which everyone wants like money,name, respect and a beautiful wife what else a man wants I am doing my PHD in engineering and I am future leader of XO gang now you think why I choose study.I have lot's of money and fame so why  I have to waste my time ,well I have simple answer it's my passion and being a leader I have to know everything .Here in the university everyone try to do friendship with me or seduce me because they know if I am their side no one try to touch them but I am not stupid, I know why they want to be my side ,so I don't give damn to them I have four best friends in engineering and two is in medical we all are same age, we are childhood buddies and their father works under my father so I am their boss. And in future we all are going to work together and take our business into next level.Rigrigrigrigrigrig
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Ray POV:-"Are you going home Ray?" my best friend Boom  ask to me, we all are in mall beacuse I want to purchase something special for my Queen.Well she is special for me, so whatever I bought for her is always special."Yes Boom I am missing my beautiful baby"  I answer and smile a little. It's been a while since I touch her and feel her soft dedicated skin."Ok but you have to come back before the orientation program?""Yes, I know Boom. Don't warry I will be come back before orientation" As a senior I have so many duties."OK, but what about sudden planning, is something happened?" Boom asked me and I smile towards him."Yes""What?"I smile again and told him hole story."My baby love wants to become a doctor""WHAT?"Well my friend is in shocked, it's not a big deal because my friends knows how possessive I am for my beautiful wife, I don't even gave her per
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Allen POV:-As I open my eyes in next morning day my head hurt really bad, after Ray gave me a present which is actually a beautiful dress he make a love, well it's lie if I say I don't like it, he is very gentle when we make love, it feel so good and I feel like he really love me more than anything, actually he did love me more anything but he don't love me more than himself. He love himself more than me, that's why he always think about his way not my way. He don't see my like as mine it's all his.Well I still remember when I see his devil side first time. I still feel bad and I will never forgive myself beacuse of itz beacuse of me someone die.  Flashback :-Allen is 14 year old and Ray is 21, one day  he came to meet Allen ,but he not alone one of his best friend came with him and his name is King, he is really sweet and nice guy he brings many choc
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Allen POV:- After being mentally torture to my own future husband in two days in a row I start preparing for my entrance examination. I have to pass the test in any way because it's only way I  have chance to get out from here, and then  maybe my life will be better in some way. Atleast I will breath freely.So I work hard for two days and  to my surprise Ray is stay with me all the time but he doesn't do or say anything he simple take care me just like my food my nape ect.Sometimes its really hard to understand him well I really don't have time to think about this I have a entrance to crack and take a first step towards my new life.Exam day:-"You ready baby love" he ask to me."Yes Ray" I answer him  and start to put my mask like always."Wait" he said and came near to me."Huh" what happen now."Their is no need to put mask, It's  not allow in campus and you can't breath properly if yo
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One hour later:-We reach to our destination within one hour and wow the place is big and awesome. I am really happy to see this place and I will do anything to get admission here and our exam is going to start in half  hour so we have to rush for find out our seating arrangement.Ray help me  to find my classes as I enter in the class Ray held my hand."Wait" he asked while stopping me.I turn around and just blink."I already  told Ferry that I believe you so make your husband proud, will you baby love?" he asked while smiling."I will " I answer to him with determination.He than perk on my lip and get back as I enter in the car I see most of them already take their seat and they giving me a unbelievable look."Is he is your boyfriend " a guy ask to me he is cubby and cute."No" I answer"Than what future husband" second guy say with a dimple face and then everyone start laughin
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 Ray POV:- Smack As I heard a voice I turn  around I see Lee hit that girl,Lee is my best friend and she know everything about me and my Allen."You girl how dare you disrespect our Queen" Lee hiss to the girls who is staring at her with wide teary eyes and beacuse of the stunt which Lee pull, their was a pin drop silence in the class.'I think they are confuse now' I smirk and look towards them, especially towards the big mouth girl.No one can mess with my Queen."How dare you slap me,what the hell who is Queen here?" the girl fire back, she is really have a big mouth which she don't know how to shut."This one" Lee said by pointing her fingers toward my Allen side, who look really uncomfortable because of all this."She is our Queen did you heard about XO gang" Lee ask to the big mouth girl."Yes I know who doesn't ,my father work for them" the girl say in a proud ma
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Lee try to smile when she heard Ray words, Ray is crazy for Allen and they all know this but they are scared beacuse they know very well how innocent Allen is?But again they are nothing infront of Ray so they can't do anything, it's Allen destiny, to be wife of Ray and become a Queen. And nothing come for free just like in Allen life being a wife of Ray take everything away from her including her own freedom. "Sure man let's go now we have to teach that bitch a lesson" Lee said because she knows if Ray didn't stop she will say something which cause  problem for her, Ray is his bestfriend and she really don't want to loose him and Allen is a sweet girl hope they can be friend atleast. Ray POV:-After talking to Lee I  enter with her  in orientation hall where that bitch is standing with my other's friends.Oh girl you are dead, no one can mess with my Queen, she scared my Queen. Sacr
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