Alpha Sebestian (REJECT ME)

Alpha Sebestian (REJECT ME)

By:  NeeNia  Completed
Language: English
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"Don't tell me you don't want this Sebestian. How can you deny our bond?" Allen said. "We both know we are meant to be together. You can't fight it forever. We both know that we are mate...." "No, don't say it, it's not possible"Sebestian said with a wince. "You know we can't be together and I don't want this Allen. I don't want you". "I am rejecting you Allen...... Goodbye''.

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Abigail Phillips
I absolutely LOVED this book! well written. unique world, and amazing characters! I want more!
2023-06-03 10:59:46
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Tanya Gencheva
I am hooked. love it in some chapters and parts I really laugh a lot.
2022-10-19 05:07:59
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I really love this book so far... can't wait to see how they overcome this, I just hope they can...
2021-09-26 00:12:47
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Lucille Owens
Love this book
2022-03-24 02:54:52
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Story and characters are great but needs some serious editing. So confused about Rose’s relationship with D&O. Is she their mom or sister? Names change sometimes too. Need a little more background about the universe. Also, hate the ending and bringing HP into it. It was unnecessary.
2023-07-12 04:04:58
43 Chapters
 Sebestian stared down at the text message on his phone for the third time, frowning as he read the words from his boss. He threw it on his desk, leaned back in his chair and scrubbed his hands over his eyes, she couldn't be serious! He sat up with a sigh and stared around at his new office, wondering what the hell he’d gotten himself into.He thought back to the conversation he’d had with Jia James.*“We need somebody for both positions, you're more than qualified for either” Jia said, as she poured the tea.“What exactly is going on in city?” Sebestian asked as he took the cup from her hands, holding his hand up when she offered him the small jug of milk.“It’s a mess, I had no choice but to remove head, he was running the station  into the ground,” Jia said with a sigh. “It&rsquo
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 "If you are referring to that... debacle with the werewolf and Valeria Ravencroft...," Jia said, the cogs starting to turn in her head as she thought about how to entice him into accepting the position. "Just order Jack to accept," Sebestian said, reading her thoughts on her face. "That way he can save face, you have an inquisitor and Jack can escape his.... Problems" he said, laughing as she sat there, practically rubbing her hands at the idea. "Thank you, Sebestian, I knew there was a reason we were friends," she said as she pulled her phone out and fired off a quick text to Jack, ordering him back to the Gard. "Wait, if Jack takes the Inquisitor position, whos going to take over the SA station?" she asked, almost slamming her head against her desk as a whole pile of new worries settled over her, she couldn't stop the growl that rumbled through her chest.  "I so don't envy you your job" Sebestian chu
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  Sebestian eyes snapped open when he heard a commotion coming from down the corridor outside his room. He glanced at the clock on his nightstand 06.37, great, he had slept in!. He climbed out of his bed, swiftly throwing a plain black t-shirt on before opening his door and peering down the corridor."..... see the vampires face..."".....s'nt expecting that...""keep....Sebestian will hear..."Sebestian sighed internally before marching through the door and following the voices down the corridor. He turned a corner to find Ram laughing and joking with two other Wolf, shaking something that rattled in his hand. Sebestian had seen the two Wolf around over the last few days, Marcus  and Mateo, he remembered. He grinned a predatory grin when Ram looked over his shoulder, catching sight of Magnus.
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**Allen stared intently at the liquid he was brewing. He stirred it once more before boiling it with a click of his fingers, smiling when it turned a pale, almost translucent golden colour. Perfect, he thought as he decanted it into a crystal bottle and wrapped a ribbon around the neck, the words 'Allen emporium' printed on the ribbon. Nobody could say their money was wasted when it came to the presentation of his products, he thought with a smile. He glanced up when his wards went off, a few seconds before a portal opened into the room."Just wait!" Rose, his twin sister, said over her shoulder as she stepped into the room, closing the blinds with a wave of her hand before her mate, Jordon stepped through the portal. "Three more orders," she said as she handed him a piece of paper and pressed a kiss to his cheek."So, has the A-Class wolf arrived yet?" Jordon asked by way of greeting, glancing into the corners of the room as if he expected the man to run at hi
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"I hate going Alpha on them," Sebestian said as he and Dell crossed the street, both of them activating their power as they walked, they both had a lot "it's the same every time! Can't I just once walk into an station that isn't full of disrespectful assholes?" he asked, rolling his eyes when she smirked."You would be out of a job if you walked into an station full of decent hardworking wolfs. Get these for me" Dell said absentmindedly as she yanked the back of her shirt up so he could activate the power on her back. "you should have seen Ram when I escorted him to his room to collect his things. He cried like a baby, muttering about how you left him defenceless against the vampires" she said with a grin as they dodged out of the way of a group of schoolgirls, oblivious to the two Wolfs skirting their group."He stole a vampire's fangs!" Sebestian said incredulously, running his luna stone over the left side between her shoulder blades "did he think he could get
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 "Fuck!" Sebestian roared, losing control completely as he spun on the spot, a deep, full Alpha snarl ripping from him as he slammed his fists down on the counter, a crack running through the entire length of the Carrara marble slab, making everyone else cringe and step back from the enraged Alpha. Everyone but Allen. Allen couldn't move a muscle, his control over himself slowly fraying thread by thread as his eyes slammed closed. His hands balled up into tight fists, his fingernails cutting into his palms as his magic ripped through his body. He felt it push out of him, barely erecting a barrier around himself to protect them all in time before he let it consume him. He screamed out the centuries of pain and loneliness, all of his anger and bitterness and sadness. Sebestian whipped around when he heard the sound, the furious, desolate scream that ripped from his Omega. The sound was like a thousand razorblades being scraped ove
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 Dell threw her pen across Sebestian office, almost yanking her hair out as another wave of self-hatred reached her through her bestfriend bond with Sebestian. It had been the same for the last two days, a constant flow of anger, desperation, pain and self-loathing, over and over again, interspersed with short periods of numbness, a void of nothing where he clammed up and retreated into himself, trying to hide from it all. She couldn't take any more of it. She was just about holding the station together. She had begged, cajoled, shouted and tried to bribe him into leaving his room, to come back to work and try and put it behind him, he wouldn't listen though. She jumped to her feet and stormed through the station, glaring at anyone who dared look at her, maybe it was time to order him to pull himself together, it was for his own good! Sebestian stared up at the crystal chandelier hanging above the foot of his bed, counting, cons
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 Sebestian dropped Rose hand the second they stepped from the circle, darting toward the door of the bar they had landed in front of before he was yanked back. He spun on the spot with a snarl, glaring at his bestfriend before getting a grip on himself. "We need a plan, Sebestian. You can't just go dashing off every-time" Dell said, keeping a firm hold on his arm when he started to turn towards the door "he could be dangerous, we need to prepare" she said, her eyes snapping to rose when she heard her scoff "the report said he was holding them hostage" she snapped. "Whatever, there's nothing dangerous about him when he drinks," rose said, rolling her eyes at the ridiculous woman "you two can stay out here colouring your wings in, my brother needs me," she said, stalking past the pair of wolfs and throwing the bar door open. She huffed when Sebestian darted past her through the open door. Sebestian dashed into
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 Allen woke with a groan as what felt like a herd of some monster stampeded through his head. He kept his eyes firmly shut, seeing the red glow of what was probably the midday sun through his closed eyelids, deciding he wanted no part of it! He rolled over and buried his head under the pillow, trying to think through the pounding, wanting nothing more than to go back to sleep and forget everything that was going on, it seemed his sister had other ideas though. "Get up Allen," Rose said, barging into the room. She pulled the pillow off his head where he was trying to hide and tossed it aside, glaring down at him. "Open your eyes and drink this," she said shaking him until he opened his eyes, determined to stop him from sinking into the bottom of another bottle. Allen glared right back when he blinked up at her standing over him, right up until he saw what was in her hand. He practically snatched the glass and downed it in one dis
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 Sebestian pounded his pillow into submission, trying desperately to sink into the exhaustion that wanted to claim him if only his brain would let it. He ran through the days events for what felt like the hundredth time, Dell dragging him into the shower, Rose turning up at is office, club, his ma... Allen in his arms, Allen stripping his clothes off..... That was the problem, every time he tried to close his eyes and sleep all he could see was Allen body, the way he had tried to flirt, the way he had gone for the waistband on his boxers! It didn't help that he was still blanketed in the Omegas scent from when he had carried him or that he kept inhaling it where it clung to his arms like a second skin. Sebestian shook his head, trying to shake the images that arose again from his mind before it drove him crazy. He desperately tried to stop the automatic reaction of his body as he tried to push away the thought of his... The omeg
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