8 weeks later…

Dell rolled the scanner over her stomach, beaming with pride at the image on the screen, her baby! She watched as he moved around on the screen, now convinced that the gas she thought she had been feeling over the last few days was actually the baby moving as she felt it bubble up with every movement she saw him make.

“He is adorable, I wish we had these scanners when I was pregnant,” Rose said, her magic gone and eyes glowing as she watched the baby moving around. “Look at his little hands and feet, maybe he will be a dancer,” she said with an awestruck smile.

“How do you know though, Siso?” David asked. He was staring at the screen, trying to decern whether his sister prediction that Dell was pregnant with their son was correct. She was 16 weeks so he couldn't tell but his sister had insisted. “How do you know for sure, that he’s a boy?

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