10 weeks later...

Sebestian and Allen looked up when they heard noises coming from the hallway a split second before they heard Rose and Jordon bickering like a pair of five-year-olds. Sebestian was about to leave the pans and go and see to them when Rose came through the door, her arm linked with David, quickly followed by Jordon with his arm linked through Dell.

"I swear, this dinner had better be worth getting dressed for," Dell said with a scowl as she bulldozed her way into the kitchen and pulled a chair out for David, taking his hands and using her body as a counterweight for him to lower himself into a chair. "it smells amazing" she said, her bad mood disappearing and her eyes lighting up.

"Nice to see you too, Delly," Sebestian said drily as he returned to the pan he had been presiding over before they had arrived. "What are you two arguing about?" he asked Jordon and Rose as he started scooping the

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