10 years later…

“Can you… believe we’re… doing this again… fuuuuck… so soon?” Sebestian growled, punctuating each word with a thrust. He pressed his lips to Allen knee where it was resting over his arm, letting his teeth graze over his skin. He gripped his mate’s hips harder when he heard the long drawn out moan Allen let out, tilting them higher off the bed before slamming back into his slick soaked asshole.

“It was your idea, fuck, Sebestian!” Allen cried as his Alpha's cock grazed his prostate with the perfectly angled thrust of his hips. He gripped the bars of the headboard harder, his knuckle turning whiter by the second as his mate fucked into him. He groaned, throwing his sweaty leg over Sebestian shoulder when he continued to trail of kisses up his shin. “Fuck me harder, Sebestian, I need your knot” he whispered breathlessly.


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