3 months later...

"Tell them I miss them and that I'll see them very soon, I love you," Sebestian said into the phone, not wanting to hang up but getting the death glare from Dell. He smiled when Allen said it back, still getting that fluttery feeling in his stomach whenever he heard the words come from his mate's lips, he was sure he would still get that feeling in 100 years or 500 years whenever Allen said it back to him. He hung up the phone and turned on his bestfriend. "I'm coming, Dell, don't get your panties in a bunch" he muttered, shaking his head when David laughed at the glare she aimed at him. He scooped Amara up, needing baby cuddles, he had been away from his children for an entire night, the first since they had been born and he was missing them terribly.

"I swear, if we are late Jia will have my runes," Dell said with a grimace, tugging at the neckline of her dress, her fucking dress! She thought with a sad shake of her head. If anyone were to att

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