Allen listened to the loud music booming through the cottage from where he hunched over the toilet. He wiped his mouth and summoned the mouthwash from the shelf, too exhausted to even stand up and retrieve it by hand. He swirled it around his mouth and spat it into the toilet, groaning at the thought of having to get up from the bathroom floor.

He rubbed his hands over the bump under his green cashmere sweater, silently begging the twins to give him a day off. He reminded himself that he was almost at the end of his first trimester, 1 or 2 weeks and he would be over the morning, afternoon and evening sickness that was starting to take its toll. He looked up when the door opened, smiling tiredly up at his mate.

"I thought I'd find you in here. We can send everyone home if you want? If you're not up to it?" Sebestian asked, taking a seat on the floor and letting Allen lean into him. He wrapped his arms around his mate, looking down when he hea

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