Sebestian dropped Rose hand the second they stepped from the circle, darting toward the door of the bar they had landed in front of before he was yanked back. He spun on the spot with a snarl, glaring at his bestfriend before getting a grip on himself.

"We need a plan, Sebestian. You can't just go dashing off every-time" Dell said, keeping a firm hold on his arm when he started to turn towards the door "he could be dangerous, we need to prepare" she said, her eyes snapping to rose when she heard her scoff "the report said he was holding them hostage" she snapped.

"Whatever, there's nothing dangerous about him when he drinks," rose said, rolling her eyes at the ridiculous woman "you two can stay out here colouring your wings in, my brother needs me," she said, stalking past the pair of wolfs and throwing the bar door open. She huffed when Sebestian darted past her through the open door.

Sebestian dashed into

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