Allen stood tapping his foot, restlessly waiting for the B-Class leaders to arrive. He looked at the clock yet again, impatient to be off to the station. He shrugged when he saw Rose roll her eyes when his eyes strayed to the clock for the hundredth time that evening, it didn't help that he had barely slept, he just wanted to get this meeting over with. He glanced up when the guards went off, signalling a new arrival just before the door to his store opened.

“Melo, May, thank you for coming,” Allen said, stepping forward to shake their hands when he saw who had arrived. “We're just waiting for Mell and Jace then we can leave,” he said, looking expectantly up at the door when the wards went off again, to see Mell enter.

“What are the odds Jace tries to bring half of the court with him?” Melo asked with a grin, eliciting a laugh from everyone in the room, breaking the tension running through th

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