"What do you mean, you and Dell will go to Mainland?" Allen asked, narrowing his eyes at his mate suspiciously. It sounded to him as though Sebestian was planning on going without him. "Don't you mean WE will be going?" he asked, raising an eyebrow at his mate, daring him to try and leave him behind.

"Absolutely not," Sebestian growled, panic starting to rise in him just at the thought of taking Allen to the Gard. "you think I want you anywhere near that nest of traitorous snakes? Not happening" he said, the finality clear in his tone.

"Oh, I'm sorry, you thought I was asking for permission?" Allen asked, his voice dangerously low. He turned on his mate and glared down at him. "I wasn't asking, Sebestian. I will be going with you. What, you thought you were going without me? That I would sit here like a good little Omega, waiting for his Alpha to return" he asked, almost laughing at the thought.

"I have mor

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