"This is the final one, love" Sebestian said quietly. He pushed Allen in front of him slightly as he looked over his shoulder at the group of A-Class members they had just met with, praying to the God that he could help the nineteen men and women who watched them go, with hope in their eyes before he grabbed Allen hand and led him through the magic circle his mate created, leaving Moscow behind and heading to LA.

"Then we can go home?" Allen asked hopefully as they stepped out into the warm evening breeze. He looked up at the building they had arrived at, the LA station. It was a beautiful old building that overlooked the ocean, the smell of the sea hanging in the air. "I need to go home, Sebestian," he said tiredly, desperately wanting them to return to his apartment and be alone.

"I know, sweetheart. I promise we will be quick, then we can go home" Sebestian said, wishing he could wrap his tired looking Omega up in his arms a

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