"Who is that with Adom?" Dell asked when she glanced around at the ruckus coming from behind them. She slid down from her mates back to watch as they all turned. "Maybe someone should help him, that vampire doesn't look too happy," she said.

"Shit, that's Roge" Allen said when he saw who Adom was wrestling. He pulled Sebestian across the courtyard. "Roge? Are you okay?" he asked when they reached him.

"Where is my mate?" Roge snarled, elbowing Adom off him to confront the pair. "Where is my Anna? Everyone else is with their mates, where is she?" he asked desperately, he hadn't been able to find her in the crowd.

"Roge, come with me," Sebestian said, keeping hold of his mates hand as he led Roge to find Jia. He spotted her talking with a fairy that looked all of 18, surrounded by other fairies. "Please excuse the interruption, Jia, may I have a word please?" he asked, with a tight smile for the

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