6 weeks later...

“Like… a date? A real, going out for dinner, just the two of us, romantic music and nice wine date?” Allen asked, well, Sebestian could drink nice wine, he would be relegated to water or soda. He pouted for a moment before running his hands over his stomach, smiling at the definition he felt there, maybe he wasn’t too upset, he thought to himself. “When?” he asked, his eyes sparkling.

“Tonight, it’s all arranged, wear something nice,” Sebestian said with a wink, placing his hand over Allen where he lay on the bed and gently rubbing his thumb over the exposed skin of his stomach. He knew his expression had turned soft, but he couldn’t help it when he looked at his mate’s bump. An excited hiss escaped his mouth as he thought about their baby, he didn’t notice the incredulous look on Allen face, to busy making eyes at his stomach.


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