3 weeks later...

"Dell? Are you okay, sweetheart?" David asked, poking his head around the bathroom door and regretting his decision in an instant. The smell of her puking her guts up turned his already delicate stomach. He clicked his fingers, producing a bucket just in time.

"David, I'm sorry, you'll be okay in a minute" Dell muttered miserably before hunching over the toilet again, the sounds of her mate being sick bringing on another wave. That was the last time they were eating takeout from the Chinese place down the road! She had a good mind to report them, she thought as her stomach settled for a moment. She sat up when she thought it was safe, wiping her streaming eyes. "Are you okay?" she called out, not daring to check up on him, it was safest waiting until he had finished. She scrubbed her teeth furiously before swirling some mouthwash around her mouth while she waited.

"Yeah, I'm fine, I'd say t

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