"Come on! I want to see it" Rose said, almost bouncing on the spot in her excitement. "Is that all you're taking, Sebestian?" she asked as she stared at the two suitcases and the single box next to his feet. She watched as her brother waved his hand, sending the piles of boxes, bags and suitcases to their new home.

"That's all I own," Sebestian said, shaking his head at the pitying look on her face. "My job was to travel the world, it was not conducive to collecting piles and piles of stuff, like your brother," he said with a wink, jumping back from the elbow his mate aimed at him.

"Hey! Need al tha tuff" Allen muttered around the huge mouthful of pastrami and anchovy sandwich he was stuffing down, shaking his head when they both stared at him with raised eyebrows. He swallowed before clarifying. "I said, I need all that stuff, I'm a fairy, remember? Plus, I've been alive almost 300 years, I was bound to collect a few mementoes

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