4 weeks later…

Sebestian helped Allen up from his seat, his worry clear on his face at the wince on his mates face. “Please Allen, you don’t have to do this, we can postpone it,” he said, pleading with him, again. “Just until you are feeling better,” he said.

“Sebestian, I’m not ill, it’s just a twinge, honestly I’m fine,” Allen said, leaning heavily on his desk as he tried to hide his breathlessness. “Besides, Claire and Justine deserve this, what she did was wrong. We can’t just pick and choose when we try a case. We have to be fair, the others won't trust us if we can’t guarantee their safety” he said, straightening up when the tightness in his stomach passed and he was able to breathe easier.

“At the expense of your health?” Sebestian asked incredulously, starting to pace beside Allen desk. He had been

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