"Are you ready?" Allen asked, looking around Rose living room at his family, giving them a tight smile when they nodded. He created a portal and watched as his sister, Olivia and David walked through. "I'll look after them until you get there Jordon, I swear, no harm will come to them," he said, giving his worried brother-in-law a squeeze on the shoulder.

"I know, it's not as if they can't take care of themselves, but I still worry" Jordon said, wishing for the first time in a long time that he wasn't a vampire, that he could go with them to the plains without burning up faster than one of Rose casseroles, wishing he and the rest of the night children didn't have to wait for the fairy to make it safe for them. Dell had explained that Sebestian trial would be held in the huge courtyard that sat in the middle of the Gard and that they would have to find a way to protect the vampires if they wanted the full force of the B-Class there. "You never stop

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