Sebestian stared at Jack, standing on the other side of the cell they had put him in, cursing the day he had received his wings. They had marched him through the corridors of the Gard, Brookwater with a huge smile on her face, looking like the cat that had caught the canary. She had all but rubbed it in his face that she had caught him, and thrown him in here. He had been sitting down here for hours, waiting for someone to come and tell him what was happening.

"Sebestian, how could you do this?" Jack asked, staring right back at Sebestian. "You of all people! You have followed every law of the authority your entire life. How could you throw it all away, all your hard work?" he asked with a shake of his head.

"The question is, how could you do this, Jack?" Sebestian asked, staring at the man he had thought of as an acquaintance, if not a friend. "You yourself have had your dalliances with B-Class, whereas Allen is my mate," he s

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