Sebestian woke to feel his mate grinding against his cock. His eyes sprang open, instantly taking in the scent of his Omegas slick and the hot, sweaty feeling of every inch of his body pressed against him. The slick that was dripping onto his cock and all over his thighs from his mates leaking ass smelled divine. He looked over Allen shoulder to realise he was still asleep. "Allen, wake up, love" he whispered, unable to speak from the lack of breath his mates heavenly scent was stealing.

Allen woke with a whine. A desperation consuming him before he even had his eyes open. "Sebestian... can we... I need..." he gasped out as the need for his Alphas knot crashed through him.

"What do you need, love?" Sebestian asked, levering himself up onto his elbow to look down at his mate, seeing the bright silver glow of his eyes. Fuck! He was so beautiful. He watched with surprise as Allen slipped from his embrace and pushed himself up onto

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