Sebestian gaze darted around when he and Allen stepped from the portal, his eyes taking in every detail with one quick scan, realising it was still a little light out as the sun was setting. His eyebrows raised in a silent question to his mate when he recognised where they were. King's Road in Chelsea, London. He looked up at the club owned by the fairy leader of London, JuJu.

"Allen, what...?" he asked, wondering why his mate would bring him here. He wasn't aware Allen knew where here was! He almost laughed at the ridiculous thought, he may be the leader of the B-Class but he was a B-Class leader and as such would probably be familiar with B-Class leader all over the world and he had said that he was almost three centuries old. He studied his mates profile out of the corner of his eye, he would have placed him at around twenty-five, maybe a little older if he didn't know that Allen was a Fairy.

"We are here to see an old frien

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