Allen woke with a groan as what felt like a herd of some monster stampeded through his head. He kept his eyes firmly shut, seeing the red glow of what was probably the midday sun through his closed eyelids, deciding he wanted no part of it! He rolled over and buried his head under the pillow, trying to think through the pounding, wanting nothing more than to go back to sleep and forget everything that was going on, it seemed his sister had other ideas though.

"Get up Allen," Rose said, barging into the room. She pulled the pillow off his head where he was trying to hide and tossed it aside, glaring down at him. "Open your eyes and drink this," she said shaking him until he opened his eyes, determined to stop him from sinking into the bottom of another bottle.

Allen glared right back when he blinked up at her standing over him, right up until he saw what was in her hand. He practically snatched the glass and downed it in one dis

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rod bialba
I hope David is not the mate of Dell although it would be great if it is but if they'll only also get hurt because of that rule, then I'd rather they're not...

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